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I am Hattori Heiji, the Western detective opposite of Kudo Shinichi, the East Detective. I am 17 and go to Kaihou School, Year 2. . I am a champion in Kendo at my school. I get my dark skin from my grandfather. I Also own a motorcycle.
I am constantly bugged by my childhood friend Kazuha Toyama. She is always saying she is my older sister.... Ahou ya... She also gave me this silly luck charm... She says it will keep me safe... I suppose it does.... I should keep it just in case..


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I hope to look this good one day.



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cardgames13 Report | 06/02/2012 3:38 pm
Heiji !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xd
catch me if you can~
-from Kaito Kid 1412
Tantei-Kid Report | 05/17/2008 5:51 pm
Eh? OH, right...why are you typing that where Ran-<span style="text-decoration:line-through;">neechan can see!?

Well, you did say I was the culprit. What can I do now...? User Image


I hate you now Heiji-niichan! *smacks you* User Image

Heiji-niichan, I saw Aoko-neechan today. We were looking for you. By the way, this neechan was chasing after me! I was so scared that I ran into the bathroom, but sadly, the bathroom has both girls and boys. -.-;

Hope we can get this case solved!

Most of luck,

Edogawa Conan

aka Kudo Shinichi

Post Scriptum: Can you try to see if any of Agasa-hakase's gadgets are still alive? I don't want to ask him to make another of those or I might not be able to solve a case for a while. -.-;

tohru wada Report | 04/13/2008 5:11 pm
tohru wada
Kazu-nee's silly.^.^
tohru wada Report | 04/09/2008 4:31 pm
tohru wada
Hatto-nii!*hugs from the back*
trickygod Report | 03/04/2008 11:06 am
Hehe Not Bad Hattori look User Image
Tantei-Kid Report | 12/08/2007 10:53 pm
Ha! You DO like Kazuha-neechan!
Ran-Neechan99 Report | 12/08/2007 7:04 pm
Heiji-kun! Long time no see! Ano, have you heard from Shinichi lately? Conan-kun has...
Tantei-Kid Report | 12/08/2007 6:49 am
H-h-heiji-niichan!? What are you doing here?Seriously...Hattori, WHAT ARE YOU DOING here...?

Heiji! You are the best of the best!!! *glomp*