OMG it's the Yoshida brothers you HAVE to watch that video
I fianly got to see them in concert at Otakon this year! YAY <3


Likes: Cats and almost all fuzzy animals, electronic music,art and coloring,
Dislikes: mean uncooperative and underhanded people. Being left to do all the work alone. Getting ignored in a thread. Spending weeks in a thread but still not having a pet there >_<

Meimous white list:
A big thank you to these people !

Rage Beat donated an Angelic imp to me for halloween <3
purrrplekitty gave me a aquarium penguin (part of FC payment) <3
GIves me lots of fish for my tank <3 and ponzu panda <3 and about a zillion other things <3 AND GOGH REED O_x <3
Dooma gave me a Sven for my B-day <3
Jadedtiget22 sent me a tiger plush <3
Mekairinek gave me Puggleston <3

obviosly I can't get away... I come to this site because I like to color and play with set ups but I am really Solstis. who has had her account stolen by some a*****e after her pixeled items.

*Sigh* anyway this account was created just a few months after Solstis but the info was lost until the hijacking.
Meimou means illusion in japanese. he is a figment of Solstis' imagination and is serving as her guide to find her way back into Gaia ( a little help here admin? )

The things in my wish list are things I had on my main accnount that I'd like to get back into my inventory. any help would be much loved.

Time Solstis was lost for 8 months but now it's back :3

there for this means the things on my wish list are just that. since all of there were returned for my other account



Anime Anime A-ni-me

~ I'm not really here ~




Meimou is running Gaia LITE, I do not see your signatures
Slowly making my way back to GAIA please bare with me as I readjust ...
I play PKMN /// 3DS - Solstis - FC; 3566-1892-3403