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Arigatou Flamboyant Grell for the lovely art. heart (Yes I know it says Plastic but that's his main account)

Hattefute Parade- My version (DO NOT copy my lyrics without MY permission, otherwise it's plagiarism.)

In my right hand is a pick.
In my left hand is a guitar!
Strumming chords, strumming chords, it's a chord playing parade!
Towards the melodic world, lets rock!

Take our hands, make a circle, spin and it's the world
With music like this, I'm in the best condition!
Red, white and blue are the colors of my countries flag!
Baka, I'm too busy playing guitar chords! He-ta-li-a!

This solo is hard to master.
Yet it can be done!

Strumming and following the melody, it's a chord playing parade!
Sound your instruments, it's time to rock and go!
If everyone combines their talents,
the one and only song is complete!
The rhythm guitarist is no one but me!
I'll make sure the melody flows smoothly!

Snow covers the streets everywhere
I guess that's typical for New England.
Encasing the roof tops in pure white.

(Let's rock everybody!)
(Let's rock everybody!)
(Let's rock everybody!) We are playing our best.
(Let's rock everybody!) But, the pressure is so immense
(Let's rock everybody!) The crowd keeps us playing on.
(Let's rock everybody!)

"These chords are making my wrist hurt.
Huh, but making music is fun?
Alright, let's rock on!"

Strumming and following the melody, it's a chord playing parade!
This melody is inspiring
Towards the world, this song will go!
This is the song that will bring our hearts together!

Don't you forget it!

"Oh, you came to have a jam session?
Well I suppose it's okay....
Wait what are you... NO DON'T CRANK UP THE AMP!" (really loud note can be heard due to amp)

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(Yes I drew this.)
A little info about me
Name: You can call me Mei or Anna
Age: 18
Race: Asian or to be specific Cantonese. ^^
Location: er my house....
College: MPCHS (to lazy to type the entire thing out)
Lives: STALKER!!!
Fave genres of music: pop, rock, alternative rock, j-pop, j-rock and techno. Im really not a fan of rap and screamo. Sreamo hurts my ears. -_-'
Favorite bands: Paramore, Evanessence, Alice Nine, An Cafe, The GazettE, Versailles, Diru *Dir En Grey*, Linkin Park and a bunch I can't remember off the top of my head right now.
Fave artists: Ayumi Hamasaki, Utada Hikaru, Nami Tamaki, Michelle Branch and Casacada.
Fave books: Eragon series, Twilight series, Inkheart series, Thief Lord and a lot of manga. Yes I really do read mostly fantasy, but I can't help it. >,<

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The above is drawn by stupidpsycho. Dont steal.

This was drawn by x-cybergoth-x. If your in my guild Burn, she might do FREE avie art for you, but it's not a guarantee.

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Please PM Emo is what we aim for, in order to get these dolls. 400 gold ea and 2k for the entire set. She also does gothic lolita dolls. ^^
AISHITERU GAZETTE!!!!!!!!! heart

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hatsue nara

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hatsue nara

ty 4 buying :3
H i a t u s

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H i a t u s

Cute av. :]

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Jealous you went to Anime Boston <3 I almost went but.. didn't. xD
that texan girl

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that texan girl

I like your avi smile

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Thank-chu for purchasing. whee

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<.< heh* protect my self with a book

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lol ok then* poke poke

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lol *lowers spirt pressure* ok there* pokes her arm

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ok then well have a nice time overthere*hugs with evil aura

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the wings i got them already lol i just need like 2 items* happy chinse new year


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Drawn by me.