Ermm? About me....MMKAY MMKAY?!

Hi! heart whee wink
My name is Kehri, Im so Fly oh my....jk. Lol I hate rap. My name is Megan! (Dur) I love Ice Cream, Music and Popcorn. My favorite band is a fo way tie between Green Day, NOFX, Blink 182, & Flogging Molly. My favorite movie is a tie betwix Juno & Transformers : Dark of the Moon. I LOVE guys who wear eyeliner. Like,
BILLIE JOE ARMSTRONG && TRE COOL. I love Punk Rock, Pop Rock, & Country, (Hank Williams(I II and III) & Johnny Cash ONLY) I like to laugh, smile, sing, & play musical instruments.
Like, the Clarinet, Guitar, Drums, and the Baseball bat :' D (Green Day joke) Want to get to know me? Err. Add me as a friend if you like, : 3 .
My favorite Animals : Chickens, Cows and Raccoons.
My favorite colors : Purple,& Orange, &Red : ] OH, And CRACK on my beliefs, lieks, or dislieks rolleyes arrow ....and I will CRACK er. YoU. neutral 3nodding
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MMKTHXILYBAI wahmbulance ninja heart heart