Strange things did happen here,
No stranger would it be,
If we met up at midnight
In the Hanging Tree


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^^Victory is mine! I got a cookie!

And now, it's time for...

Random quotes and mess-ups I remember from life:

I like pie!-- Cute Lee Gurl
OMG! Me do too!-- I Never Alone
Your mom likes pie...-- SoraXKillua-Kun
No, you can NOT wear my family heirl- You gonna eat that?--Izoona
What will you gonna do if you catch a cold?-- Elfen Lied manga
You did understood!-- Tsubasa Resevoir Chonicle chapter 167 The Wounded Ninja, page 17, panel 2.
What is Little Red Riding Hood's name?--Lord_Of_Gondor
The rough was a little beginning...--Mrs. A.
The Beast will make out with your children! He'll come after them in the night!-- M. Henry, playing Gaston in Beauty and the Beast
We're not safe until he's dead, he'll come stalking us at night, his name is Charlie Shafor and he'll keep us here all night!--Cute_Lee_Gurl rewriting "The Mob Song" from Beauty and the Beast
The Beast will make ouff with your children! He'll come after them in the night!-- M. Henry, playing Gaston in Beauty and the Beast
I am ForkiWan Kenobi!--cute_lee_gurl
Be the fork!--Charlie Shafor
May the fork be with you.--Me & Poetic_Goth
Add more comas!--Poor Izoona forgot how to spell commas...
Act like a baby stealing a pterodactyl!... *what?* A pterodactyl stealing a baby!--Jerry in Uncool (Student written one-act play)
*Thick Russian accent* I forgot my chair.--Var in Uncool
Sir, ma'am, sir! Wait, what?--GuitarGod527
They were eighty year old antiques that had been there for eighty years.--Lord_Of_Gondor
*Holding pizza and looking at woods* Let me throw this in the pizza.--Lord_Of_Gondor
*Holding stomach* Ugh. My heart feels like I'm about to puke.--iNeverAlone
He went to high school to be a dentist! *Meaning college*--Me
I swear, today, there is zero intolerance at this school. *Meaning intelligence*--Me
*Looking into mailbox* The post officer took it.--Lord_Of_Gondor
Better out and bear the shame than hold it in and bear the pain.--Mrs. A
I don't give a frog's fat fanny! ~Bogie
If Bogie doesn't get her coffee by first period, there'll be dead bodies by third! ~Bogie
Thank you for your concern about my bladder issues.--Bogie

The next line is a lie.
The line above is true.


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Diary of a Salem Witch

It was a living, breathing nightmare...

This book contains descriptions of events which took place in the life of Juliet Nightingale, a less heard-of Salem Witch Hunt victim.


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Jolon Caverly

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Jolon Caverly

Jolon Caverly

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Jolon Caverly

You're welcome, you're on my profile as well.
Jolon Caverly

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Jolon Caverly

People haven't posted here since last year. So here you go.
The Crossed Duck

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The Crossed Duck

May you all have a blessed holiday season.

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God bless you and yours. And Merry Christmas.
~The Duck
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Duo Do Urden

Your Status update, I have to agree how do they all sleep at night?

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Boo ninja
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Dawn Mercer

i cant remember but i believe it might be around the profile section

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holy cow it has been forever!!!!! we will work out a trip to see you guys.
B i o N i g h t

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B i o N i g h t

Oh thank you!! ^~^


"Theatre is NOT all sunshine and daisies and singing Kumbaya around a campfire." ~My best theatre-related quote ever.

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