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Whats on my body


If you really want to know

Hello this is glasses wearing girl Maritza.
A huge fan of anime and manga, but is not an otaku...
A hentai addict who enjoys reading/watching it not for the sex but for the storyline, because it has better storyline than any porno.
A huge pervert well not that huge....
Has a deep love for her friends and family.
Is addicted to the wonders of the internet
Has many Fangasm as she reads manga that has sexy bishies with glasses.
Has fallen in love with Ink on paper, but is searching for real love as well. wink
I prefer men with glasses but thats just my opinion
I think Asian Kung Fu Generation is the s**t! once again my opinion do not be offended
Vocaloids are also the shizznit!
Oh and just because im a pervert and hentai fan does not mean i like to be talked in a very dirty way.... honestly i find it stupid when people try it on me...

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IzzyDizzyBear Report | 11/19/2011 10:18 pm
Thanks for buying from my shop. Come back any time!
Kisara Rose Report | 12/15/2010 10:48 pm
heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart
cheese cheese_whine
Kisara Rose Report | 12/15/2010 10:34 pm
LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wrath shino aburame Report | 11/15/2010 10:13 pm
lol well night mari-chan. see u later.
Wrath shino aburame Report | 11/15/2010 10:11 pm
ah GC. i was trying to play the other day, but i just wasnt in the mood. im thinking of installing dragonica again.
did u know they changed dragonica to Dragon Saga? im going to probably start that again. well i gotta log, so ill see u later Mari-chan
Wrath shino aburame Report | 11/15/2010 9:53 pm
i see lol.
anyway so what u up to?
im still on since i dont have class till 12 tomorrow. mrgreen
Wrath shino aburame Report | 11/15/2010 9:40 pm
WHA!?!?!??!?! k listen to this song. it was used for the intro for the series and game Tales of the Abyss.
Wrath shino aburame Report | 11/15/2010 9:38 pm
lol no, but it reminded me for some reason of a saiyan.... lol

not much going on.... just have nothing to do.
btw have u heard of the group called BUMP OF CHICKEN? its an awesome JRock group. im listening to their music right now
Wrath shino aburame Report | 11/15/2010 9:34 pm
Monotoned Report | 11/06/2010 4:55 am
xp that must've been embarrassing! Seems your stomach understands 'lunch-time'... if only the exam people understood that too mrgreen
oh yes indeed. First you feel panic, then stress, then tired/hungry, then panic again since time is ticking. That's bad for our young healths gonk don't they know that?!?!

was it fun learning about the history of music? The journey to learning things is the best part, right? Exams... eeeeeeehhh
hahha maybe you weren't the only one who hate the religious music in that century? razz gaaaah our brains are still developing memory storage; even I can't remember every detail of what happened throughout my school year! crying

aaaahh you genius person! After you told me I looked through all of the NPC's costumes; Louis is by far the most awesome of the lot! For dressing up as Ishida! biggrin oh Gaia, you awesome people~ hahahaha
whee I can't wait either! I PRAY he and inoue haven't developed any kind of loving relationship within that 17 months... I'd be so jealous!

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