Welcome to my profile. Random facts about me: I'm female, I have a Master's degree and I'm semi-employed. You can probably guess from the latter two that I'm older than the average Gaian. wink Though this is a new account, I've been around since 2007.

Things I love:

1. Comments. Random or not, it's good. If you really want to make my day, give me a 'rape' comment. I have no idea why I enjoy it, but it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy when someone cares enough to post *rapes you*. Yes, I may be sick. Doesn't care. xp
2. Buying pretty things for my avatar.
3. Watching anime (reading manga). If you want to chat about one, comment me. I love to geek it up.
5. Roleplaying. Though I love it, I haven't done it in a while. I like playing with literate RPers and they are very hard to find.
6. Horror movies.
7. Old Movies. I adore anything with Humphrey Bogart or Cary Grant.
8. Writing fanfiction. Really fun, but also really time consuming, so I haven't written in ages.
9. Football. My life doesn't truly begin until September. Go Steelers!
10. Cats!
11. Sushi. heart

Things I don't love

1. Random friend requests. We need to have talked a few times before friendship.
2. Thank yous. I'm a compulsive buyer in the MP so I really don't need sellers spamming up my profile with 'thnx for buying'. evil
3. Begging. This automatically gets you put on my ignore list.
4. Leet-speak, n00b-speak and any other wanton butchering of the English language.
4. Any greedy, stupid, sneaky, mean-spirited behavior.

Want to know anything else? Just ask. biggrin

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Fabulous birthday banner by Kuran Yuuki Cross.

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Are you banned? I'm hoping to speak with you once more.

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Meepy. It's me Frank

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if i forgot to wish you a happy birthday when it was your birthday it doesn't mean i forgot you. if i wasn't here for christmas or for new year with loving thoughts it doesn't mean that i wasn't a good friend. if i wasn't your comfort at times you needed a friend it doesn't mean that i didn't care about you. now that i got the chance to speak to you even if it might be just a little too late to write feelings down. i want to say i did care and i still do. there are moments i think about you although we are just virtual friends. i rather leave a message here with all best wishes and loving thoughts like a poem to a heart even i know i am late which i prefer rather than being sorry i never did when i got the chance to do it. i am copying and pasting this message to my all friends in my friend list which is not a big list just so you know i miss you guys and i hope you are doing well...

love kins heart

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crimson]-repeatedly pokes profile- :3 Hello! -fluffles and hugs before ninjaing out-

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Happy Late Birthday from The Play Den 18+
smile Hope to see you soon
Abiding Angel

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Abiding Angel

Hi Terra~ How are you doing lately? I hope you've been better. :< .: Hugs :.

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Oh Terra, I am sorry to hear about your lost, but at least he didn't pass alone. I know that must have been tough for you, but as you said he didn't suffer and that is a blessing. My prayers are with you, hun, and your family.

God Bless,


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How is your father fairing dear?

Sorry my responses are really slow, life is biting and not really letting me do much. You are in my prayers and I just wanted to drop this quick note down.

Take care of yourself!

<3 Katey

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First off, How is your father doing? I hope he is doing well.

Eh, yeah, I was able to keep things down...until I got streph throat that lasted for three weeks. =_= I evidently had my immune system go on vacation and it didn't tell me. I'm glad to have heard you were back to good health and I hope you are still in good health, Terra. I can handle being sick, I just don't like my friends to be. xD I love you guys too much to see you in pain of any fashion.

Thank you, Hun. I know, my mind is going crazy for me to write, but with the way work and my home life is going for me right now, I'm ready to pull my hair out. Living back at my parents' house is costing me more money than I make.

Also, don't apologize for the repost of my comment. It happens, and I have to admit, I either have tabs open to flip back and forth or do the same thing when responding to comments.

As for the birthday and Christmas question, I can't say I really have anything on Gaia that I wanted, besides maybe getting back in touch with all the awesome people I've met on here. But thank you for the offer.

How about you? Did you want anything dear?