Born Like This- 3 Days Grace (Good song, Great video)

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^^ The video above was made by none other than Crescent Pheonix. mrgreen This video rocks. I suggest that whoever is here visiting my lovely profile should watch it. Go blindfolded Riku! biggrin

As for the picture way below I have no idea who drew it, but I like it very much. It just seems to fit my profile.

All of the videos below are there more for the songs than the videos themselves. They are all songs that I like from various sources.

Sanctuary (Passion)- Utada Hikaru

eX Dream-Myuji Full Version

Byakuya~True Light- Miyamoto Shunichi Full Version

Bokura no Bouken- Kids Alive Full Version

Asterisk-Orange Range Full Version

Go- Flow Full Version

D tecnolife- Uverworld Full Version

Butterfly- Wada Kouji Full Version

Hajimari no Hi- Minawo Full Version

Tori no Uta- Lia Full Version

Colors of the Heart- Uverworld Full Version

Driver's High- L'Arc en CIel Full Version

Nitro- Uverworld Full Version

Memories- Within Temptation



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i am who i think you think i am

I finally named my Kiki Kitty. I combined the names of my two favorite characters from Hikaru no Go. His name is Suyong Sai. My CoCo finally has a name! biggrin I just decided that from now on it's name will be Riku.

Story Status:
Prologue: aborted, Chapter One Rewrite: Completed, Chapter Seven: 0/11 pages, Overall: 6/39 chapters
Oh, look the road streches out as far as I can see, better get writing.

~*About Me:*~

Likes: writing, reading, tennis, playing go, cats, Medieval Times (the restaurant and historical age), Shogun (can't get enough Japanese food),

Music: Trapt, AAR, Hilary Duff, Fall Out Boy, Jimmy Eat World, Unwritten Law, The Used, Yellowcard,

Video games: The Legend of Zelda, Super Smash Bros. Melee, Kingdom Hearts I & II, Baten Kaitos, Tales of Symphonia, Tales of Phantasia, Kirby, Spyro,

Anime/manga: Hikaru No Go, Fullmetal Alchemist, X TV (and X/1999), MÄR Märchen Awakens Romance, Deathnote (haven't seen much of the anime), Trinity Blood, Blood plus , DNAngel, Naruto, The Prince of Tennis, Digimon, Rurouni Kenshin, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Yu-Gi-Oh, Bleach, Tsubasa (haven't really seen the anime), Fruits Basket, Inuyasha, Zatch Bell (haven't read the manga) and Kodocha (manga only).

Dislikes: most bugs, cheese, mashed potatoes, confusing and/or boring books, hate being spread around, being annoyed and/or angry, other people being angry at me, and my impatience.

Random Stuff About Me: I eat cupcakes from the bottom up. I sometimes obsess over chain mail armor and capes. I'm prone to becoming obsessed with things that I like.

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.:Chronicles of a College Sophomore:.

This is about anything I feel like writing about and my opinions on certain topics. Just my rantings. Recently incorporated is the journal of my daily college life.


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copy/paste this to 10 ppl and then press F5 and F9 at the same time and you will get 100.000 gold it rocks trust me
CrescentPheonix Report | 07/12/2008 12:35 pm
Heh heh, Happy Birthday^^
CrescentPheonix Report | 05/30/2008 12:41 pm
Just drop by to say hello.^^
blueicewizard Report | 01/25/2008 6:21 am
What up?
Ryuzaki239 Report | 11/25/2007 3:43 pm
hi there my name is nelson,lazaro cousin i heard so much nice things about u and hopefully I'll get to meet u. You may of heard about me knowing lazaro will bye
blueicewizard Report | 11/15/2007 9:06 am
Hi, I wouldn't sure if you recognize me. This is Yoni.
NovacaineExE Report | 11/11/2007 6:20 pm
Try this out! Send this to atleast 10 people and then press F5! You'll get 10,000 gold
CrescentPheonix Report | 10/31/2007 2:21 pm
Happy Halloween!!^^
Emily Moore Report | 09/05/2007 9:17 am
Oi! I was enjoying reading about your days as a freshman. I want mooooore! xP Lol kidding. Hiiii girl, I luv you. ^^
bashfulglowfly Report | 08/29/2007 8:14 pm
I just wanted to say Hi and I like your avvy!


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