What's happenin'? :] I'm MedicalPistol, but you're welcome to call me by my given name-- Elise. Some things about me:

x. I love to draw. I don't think I'm particularly unique or extraordinary in my style, but it's therapeutic to me.

x. I also love to write. I admit, I usually never finish anything I start, but I love making the characters in my head come to life and describing the world they inhabit. I'm always willing to beta someone's fiction, so just PM me!

x. I'm Vietnamese and proud of it. I understand more than I can speak, but I'm willing to improve what I know.

x. Literature reigns supreme! I love to read good stories! I like books that have characters I can care about and root on, good narrative, and of course a good plot. I also love an original voice that makes me laugh. Some authors I dig? David Sedaris, Maria McMann, Oscar Wilde, Pat Conroy, Stephen King, and many others.

x. I love music, I couldn't possibly categorize my tastes into one genre. Joe Hisaishi, Yann Tiersen, Modest Mouse, Late Night Alumni, Coldplay are some I really love. Don't like 'em as much as I do? Okay. =P