I'm xavier! u can call me xavier, xavi, xav, or x (whatever u prefer)

I'm a late teen year old boy
who goes by the pronouns he/him/his
with the personality type of ISFP

I spend a lot of time just futzing around
usually u can find me either in the forums, zOMG...
or making lil avis for fun.

i really enjoy:
+ bnha!!
+ the colors red, yellow, black, & blue
+ coming in and out of hiatus with this site... will i ever leave?
+ staying up at odd hours of the night to just... do nothing

tysm for taking ur time to stop by and just check out my profile!
i may not know who u r or what u're doing here,
but it's just super cool of u to check out all of this!! tysm


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Report | 04/22/2017 4:15 am


OHHHHH SO THAT WAS WHERE THE REQUEST CAME FROM I was wondering if I knew you from somewhere lol but thank you I'm honored ;///u///;
Park Jinwoo

Report | 04/16/2017 9:13 am

Park Jinwoo

gaia_angelleft Happy Easter!! gaia_angelright
Park Jinwoo

Report | 04/04/2017 7:49 pm

Park Jinwoo

HHHOLY s**t I LOVE YOUR AVI????!?!!?!?!?!??!!?!
heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart
Park Jinwoo

Report | 03/30/2017 10:16 pm

Park Jinwoo

on my profile, it looks like I'm taking pictures of you omfg.
Park Jinwoo

Report | 03/30/2017 10:15 pm

Park Jinwoo

wowowow nice horns can i touch, emotion_dowant jk
Park Jinwoo

Report | 03/30/2017 9:13 pm

Park Jinwoo

matchy, matchy~~
Park Jinwoo

Report | 03/30/2017 8:42 pm

Park Jinwoo

xav pls the hobbies you listed LOL.
Park Jinwoo

Report | 03/30/2017 7:15 pm

Park Jinwoo

ah, magician nico but I bet I'm not going to finish it on time. sweatdrop I remember your len cosplay tho, bless. exclaim ah a convention in Hawaii, Kawaiikon lol.

emotion_omnomnom no no no, those stories need to be sealed away and never spoken of again lolol. at least we messaged like every holiday,, LOLOLOL. but oh well at least you're back!! I missed you, i missed you, i really did miss you. ;;--;; Even though those were dark dark times I would never want to remember,, nonetheless it was quite significant and I'm glad you're back. pls nononono, tbh i am kinda known to just drop everything and disappear LOLOL, A trait I took after you? emotion_yatta lololojk;;
omg omg i'm so so glad to hear you're still hanging out with them, that like the highlight,, sorta of our time. LOL. For reasons that shouldn't be stated.

XAVIER PLS, well it's good to talk to people,, even for a little. Like even now talking to you,, I can tell you've changed,,, a lot. Don't worry, don't worry. In a good way, in a good way. Trust me. emotion_bigheart

LOLO PLS, ah we can bond over our petty asses. emotion_sweatdrop
Park Jinwoo

Report | 03/29/2017 10:42 pm

Park Jinwoo

i'll probably be on;; lololol my life revolves around gaia. especially when I have a con next next week and I should be rushing to finish my cosplay j f c, but either way I will most likely be on LOL.

LOL bond over the painful memories;; ah i'm glad you don't remember much, for some reason i was cursed with remembering certain things clearly. it's so pa i n fu l. aaaaaaha actually I'm not active on it, I just like to log on every so often to reminisce. I'M GLAD YOU CAME BACK TOO O M G. shh, shh. It's okay, it's okay. Look at it this way, we are both at fault? lolol,, I'm bad at keeping in contact anyways plus you're busy with school and all that good stuff. Sorry to mention, I'm just curious but do you still talk and hang out with rinrin?

!!!! SAME SAME. it has to do with my confidence in my ability though;; Like I'm not good at anything?? Plus the things I waaant to do isn't money making?? yknow what i mean,, whether we like it or not,, the world revolves around money. crying

aaa actually we kept in contact every so often after you deleted your lenlen ig. lolol. it's okay, it's okay. shhhh you're not dumb and you did not ******** up, shhhhhh. PLUS EVERYONE IS SELFISH,, SH.
aaaaha one-sided one-sided love, as always. ;;^;; One would call it a crush, but I was rejected so?? L O L. nonono shhh,, YOURE THE ONE WHO SHOULD BE TALKING OUT YOUR MESS!! MY OFFER STILL STAND FROM LIKE 2013 WHEN WE FIRST MET,, THAT I'LL BE HERE TO LISTEN TO YOU. Even though I'm not really good at advice, I will always be here to listen to you. ;3
It's just petty stuff for me anyways,, i have came to the conclusion that I am petty. lolol. ah, anywhere is fine really.

Park Jinwoo

Report | 03/29/2017 9:59 pm

Park Jinwoo

ahahaaaaa xavier, p l s;;;;;;;;; that was quite an embarrassing time for me, i would rather forget it. sweatdrop I think I should've been the one to delete my ig,, but here I am still holding onto it, while everyone moved on. boo. aaa but right, right? I relate omg. I met a lot of good, caring friends during that time and I wish I kept in touch with them ;;--;; Like you, madi, and everyone else;;
ahahah, I wish, I wish. I kinda just came back to this site at the beginning of this month LOLOL, and I'm addicted again o no.

i APPLAUD YOU FOR YOUR EFFORTS FOR STICKING THROUGH IT THIS LONG THOUGH, 2 MORE YEARS, 2 MORE YEARS. Are you going for Bachelors or higher? I wouldn't doubt you'd aim for higher though.

!!!! aaaaaaa no no even so, sorry for mentioning it tho omg. Hope things get better, real quick and the mess resolves itself. Sending all the love and happy thoughts your way!!!!!
I haven't been able to move on from you,, LOLOL JK JK, JK. AHAHa;;; aaa sorry sorry,, Nah, I'm still a single pringle, stuck in a unrequited love...again


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ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ male | late teens | ISFP ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ constantly coordinating color based avis ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ pls feel free to pm me!! i love talking!! ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ