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Mecuniv's Thoughts

I've decided having a journal to catalog my thoughts, dreams and feelings would be beneficial to my mental and emotional health.





I am Mecuniv, daughter of Emperor Makar of Xigon, City in the clouds, and Melani, Dragon High Priestess to the moon Goddess Nengia; niece to First Dragon Lady Y; servant of First Dragon Lord Z; Adept of Balance under Master Shadow as well as his mate.

What you see before you is not some mere human, I am a dragon, ruler of the flames and the skies! But before I get worked up, let me start from the beginning, in 3rd person...

Melani was a high priestess for the Shrine of Nengia. One night while preforming a ritual under light of the full moon, she received a vision from Lady Nengia herself. In order to prover her loyalty, Melani was to preform a special ritual, one that would create an ever-lasting night. She reluctantly agreed, feeling she should not question the goddess, even at the risk of upsetting the natural order of the cosmos. The sun god, Palomar, received word of her plans and flew into a rage. He cursed Melani, telling her that her first born would unleash the terrible power of the sun's wrath on their 18th birthday at dawn, destroying everything in their path to get to the moon temple and take vengeance. They could not be stopped or controlled, and only after the sun went down, would the child finally be at rest, forced to live with the regret of all it had done, all those it had killed. Melani was horrified, and vowed never to receive child.

Years passed. Melani had put the curse aside in her mind and hadn't thought about it much. Some "merchants" put their airship down to rest outside the shrine one evening looking for food and rest. Being a holy place, Melani could not turn them away. The group of men were thankful and danced, ate, and drank under the full moon in celebration. One man in particular caught Melani's eye, Makar, the captain of the ship. She began talking with him, the man was as charming with words as he was handsome. The next morning, as the men were preparing to leave, Melani found herself asking when she would see him again. Makar asked her to come with them, as they were returning their cargo to his home city, Xigon.

Melani had heard of such a wonderful place, seated high in the clouds, but she had never been there. Before she realized what she was doing, she had agreed. She left the shrine, assuring the others she would return soon, and went to Xigon. She felt it was right, but she realized then what a fool she was, she was falling in love with the captain of a merchant ship, and that was no life for her. He would always be away from her, traveling...

When the ship docked at Xigon, Melani looked around in awe. She had never seen such a beautiful city, so full of wonders! She found herself falling in love with the city as the captain of Vasilia gave her a tour. He ever whispered in her ear that he could get her into the castle. She laughed at Makar's foolish confidence, but went along with it. She was shocked when he simply walked right by the guards, who simply nodded their heads at him! There was obviously more to him than she thought, so she decided to be patient and let it all play out.

It turns out, Makar was the younger of the Emperor's two son, a prince. The emperor welcomed Melani and allowed her to stay in the castle as Prince Makar's personal guest until he was ready to ship off again. Melani stayed for a few weeks, wandering about the magnificent city, with a proper escort of course, loosing more and more of her heart to it. Over that time, her and the young prince become closer and closer. She listened with interest to all his stories of places he'd traveled and the adventures and trouble he'd got into. She was so drawn in by the excitement of it all, she had lost track of time.

When it came time to ship off, her heart sank. She could not bear to go back to the shrine, her heart belonged here. She promptly sent a letter to the other priestesses, apologizing and explaining the situation, along with the name of her successor as the next high priestess, and gave up her shrine life. When Makar heard Melani was staying, he was overjoyed, and asked her to marry him. She agreed, her heart fluttering. They married 6 months later, after Prince Makar had returned once again. Within a year, Melani was pregnant, and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. They named her Mecuniv, confident great things would come of her.

Makar's older brother, the heir to the throne, was tragically lost on the battlefield during a war with a neighboring territory when Mecuniv was just a year old. The King had no choice but to declare Makar as his successor. Makar wasn't pleased, he did not want the responsibility of a king, he loved the freedom of the open air. With a bit of coxing from Melani, he reluctantly agreed and began training officially for his duties. Melani and Mecuniv also received training of proper etiquette and responsibilities.

Makar had other plans for Mecuniv however. At five, he assigned her a secret teacher. He wanted his little girl to learn to fight and defend herself properly. He also wanted to be able to use her as an assassin for his personal gain. The teacher taught her how to shoot a bow, make poison, fight hand to hand, acrobatics, how to blend in the shadows, and many other skills and assassin should know. This training, along with the illusion magic Melani had been secretly teaching her, would be a lethal combination. This was by far Makar's biggest mistake.

Years passed, and around the time of Mecuniv's 14th birthday, a foul wind blew in, and Palomar's words echoed in the Priestess's mind, haunting her. She told her husband everything, no longer able to stand it. The king panicked. Fearing for the safety of his city, but unable to have his daughter taken out due to love, he did the only thing he could, and cast them from the city, banished to the world below. Melani knew that on her daughter's 18th birthday, she would cast a wave of destruction across the world, killing anything in her path.

She took Mecuniv and hid her, praying to Nengia for help. But there was nothing the Goddess could do, nothing against the power of another God. She became sick, and knowing her child would be left alone, she told her to be strong. She died shortly thereafter.

Mecuniv was left alone in a strange world, but she wasn't helpless. She had both her mother's and her father's secret teachings. She began hunting bounties for a living as a drifter before settling down in a run-down city. She made a decent living there hunting down criminals. That was when she stumbled upon Master Shadow one fateful day. Then everything changed...

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"Chibi Shadow and Mecuniv" by MoonlightKo

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"Mecuniv, pre-awakening" (Artist unknown, records lost)
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