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Where all da ladies at? I loves me some females. I am totally no gay and hiding it dawg. Oh, what did you just say? You sayin' i'm gay? Get yo giant d**k over here and i'll suck the s**t out of it to prove how straight I am.
All kidding aside. I am totally a fan of bad puns, jokes, and catchphrases. Those are the only thing that make me feel special, between the sheets. I like long walks on the beach, if by long walks on the beach you mean not walking on the beach because it's ******** stupid and instead playing vidja games at home. The chances are slim that I will give a ******** about what you have to say, unless you say something I like. Phoenix Wright is my American Idol, his auto tune is better than all others. We have the sexy time.... NOT! I am bored so i'm just typing what comes to my mind. Speaking of coming, you better get going because I don't like you berry much. Time for a rap.
"Uhhh huh. Uhhh huh.
It's time for a rap, you can eat tree sap.
I don't like you, for you smell like poo.
If you don't like my rapping, then you are probably a normal human and I don't blame you."
Jesus, Mary, and Joseph are you still reading this s**t? Well I guess I will add some personal info in this s**t.
Name: Kon (as far as you should be concerned.)
Age: Old enough to watch, buy, and sell porn on the black market, probably.
Sex: Yes please, but only if I like the words you speak.
Location: A house. LOL LOL LOL..... Sooooo. Who wants cake?
Occupation: Ninja, spy, pirate, and prostitute. Only one of those is true. Hint: It's prostitute.
Religion: Is for the weak minded. But watev floats your boat dawg.
I love the ladies, and some fellows (but only if you can match Adam Levine's sexiness, jsyk: you can't)
Well, I will have to end this with a bang. BANG!!!



Two men walk into a bar. One man says ow, the other dies of cancer.


You were almost a Jill sandwich.