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I'm 'Reign and I use Gaia to roleplay on the forums.

About me and the basics:
      ‣ I am in my twenties
      ‣ I live in the timezone EST (GMT-5)
      ‣ I work a 9-to-5 job and generally cannot write posts during that time
      ‣ I almost exclusively play in group threads, I generally do not prefer 1x1's
      ‣ I generally do not participate in more than one or two roleplays at once because, when I join a roleplay, I dedicate thoroughly. I find that I can only put my level of focus into 1 or 2 games at once without some of them starting to suffer neglect or disinterest. I can say something similar about having too many characters in any given roleplay.
      ‣ I expect overall to be treated like an adult. I can both give and take polite, constructive feedback as desired. I am open to compromise, I am tolerant of people who have different preferences, and I expect to be addressed politely in private if I have made someone uncomfortable rather than haphazardly banned with no forewarning.
      ‣ View my samples

      ‣ I consider myself verbose and can easily write over 1000 words in a post on a fairly regular basis.
      ‣ Although I am perfectly capable of working with them, I don't prefer strict word requirements.
      ‣ Ultimately, I consider content quality more valuable than post length, and so I am usually more attracted to groups with similar ideals.
      ‣ I am open to and enthusiastic about the use of collaboration posts in group roleplays. I find that, when used strategically, they both expedite a roleplay that would otherwise drag along and also make it easier for characters to meaningfully bond. I am also willing to introduce them to players who have never used them before.
      ‣ I prefer not to play in walk-in roleplays that accept any and everyone. There's nothing wrong with them, I just personally find the structure dissatisfying.
      ‣ I am perfectly willing to play in games with literacy standards below my capability and, when other expectations are met, I have no problem with roleplays that have one-paragraph or 100-word minimums.
      ‣ However, I am probably a bad fit for roleplays that have strict length maximums, especially if that maximum is less than 5 paragraphs. Sometimes I feel I need that much space to say what I want to say.
      ‣ I am a fairly quick writer and if I give you a deadline for my next post you can almost always expect me to meet it.
      ‣ I care about grammar. Everyone makes mistakes, but I find that haphazardly written grammar leads to confusion and misunderstanding. Even if I can ultimately decipher poor grammar, constantly having to do so distresses me.

      ‣ I prefer to play male characters, but I am not completely opposed to playing females.
      ‣ I do not like to play small children.
      ‣ I am not opposed to playing pre-made characters, so long as I ultimately have the final authority on my character and his decisions once I claim the role.

      ‣ I am willing to join roleplays with character images that are either photographic or illustrated.
      ‣ I prefer roleplays that ask players to include an image and name in each post and am personally willing to create fully decorated posts. However, I am willing to join roleplays that do not have this requirement if other more important expectations are met.

Plotting, Collaboration, and OOC:
      ‣ I enjoy plotting OOC and appreciate roleplays that emphasize OOC interaction. I also usually appreciate when "plotting" involves more than deciding whether or not two characters like each other.
      ‣ I prefer to be informed about what is going on, what is expected of me, and what I should expect from others in a roleplaying group. If I am not informed about something, I will happily ask.
      ‣ I consider it disrespectful for others to leave me hanging without communication, both in work and life. If you or your roleplay's OP are uncomfortable with players who proactively pursue information with regards to activity, expectations, scheduling, et cetera, I may not be the right person for your roleplay.
      ‣ I most like to join roleplays that have just started or are starting within a few days.
      ‣ I never prefer having to wait long for a roleplay to open once I have joined, but am usually more patient if it's a very engaging game and I feel there is a beginning in sight. In other words, yes to "we will start in two weeks" and no to "I'm still waiting for more spots to fill up, just be patient" after it's already been two weeks.
      ‣ I am willing to join roleplays that have already been open for a while so long as I will receive a thorough summary about what I have missed and will be actively welcomed into the group (as opposed to excluded/neglected as a newbie).
      ‣ I DO NOT consider Skype a viable medium for OOC. I have had too many negative experiences with Gaia roleplays using Skype groups and will not join a roleplay where the vast majority of OOC conversation takes place via Skype.

Genres and Themes:
      ‣ I am open to just about any high-quality roleplay, with a stimulating story and interesting character possibilities, regardless of the genre.
      ‣ That said, I do usually like character-driven roleplays.
      ‣ I generally do not gravitate towards series-based / fandom roleplays. This is mainly because I have never read/watched/played most of those series. However, series-based games are not against my rules and can still be suggested.
      ‣ I like having romantic aspects in my games, but romance doesn't need to be the core goal.
      ‣ I also like having some semblance of plot-lines or direction in roleplays; I haven't had many good experiences with roleplays where the characters are simply released into an area with no direction and expected to make a constant stream of interesting things happen.
      ‣ I actively dislike roleplays that place heavy emphasis on roleplay-combat as the core point of interest or a mandatory gameplay element. Please don't suggest these.
      ‣ Themes I have played often in the past:
      xxx‣ Slice of life
      xxx‣ Family
      xxx‣ School / Boarding School / Camp
      xxx‣ Group of friends / contemporary drama
      xxx‣ Social scenes
      xxx‣ High fantasy
      xxx‣ Elemental magic
      xxx‣ Arranged marriage
      xxx‣ Vampires and supernatural creatures
      xxx‣ Superheroes / Supernatural mutations
      xxx‣ Medieval / Royalty
      xxx‣ Adventure / Quest
      xxx‣ Disney
      xxx‣ Band / Musicians
      xxx‣ Celebrity lifestyles
      xxx‣ Post-apocalyptic conflicts


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Kanato-san Report | 04/04/2012 12:43 pm

Love your avi!~ ^^

"Happy Hunger Games and may the odds be ever in your favor!”
OhMyGabi Report | 06/19/2010 9:35 am
my kitty can beat up your kitty
Totrue-Tufaar Report | 09/12/2009 4:54 pm
Please, hello.
masta_muzica Report | 09/04/2009 4:58 pm
. . .hello. . .
thanks for buying!
and you have a really cute profile!

. . .please come again. . .
Umbra_The_PsYcHo Report | 08/29/2009 7:47 pm
Nice Avi!!!
User cannot be found Report | 08/15/2009 1:10 pm
Thanks, Balance and simplicity is what I was going for.
Progress goes BOINK Report | 07/13/2009 4:31 pm
I appreciate complements with a little thought process behind them. Thanks smile
some void droid Report | 05/26/2009 6:00 pm
Just stating my opinion,since you know I'm in the category of little girls,I think I know best about the situation and can understand why other girls do it.
--X--Graceful-Maiden--X-- Report | 05/26/2009 5:52 pm
Generalized Disease Report | 05/26/2009 5:42 pm
you're hot




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