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Status: Single
Height: 5'0"
Weight: 90 lbs.
Birthday: February 19th
Smoke/Drink: Never/Never
Location: Central Texas
Body Shape: Slim/Slender
Race: White
Religion: Baptist

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Rock is my favorite genre of music. I have plenty favorite bands and singers, including Simple Plan, The All American Rejects, Secondhand Serenade, and more. Country music is also ok. Taylor Swift is pretty good, and hot, and you can't hate the songs "All Summer Long" by Kid Rock, "Sweet Home Alabama" by Alabama, and "Chicken Fried" by the Zac Brown Band. And for some reason, I like a lot of sad songs.

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Sports News

Dallas Mavericks 105
Denver Nuggets 108
November 7th, 2008

Miami Heat 99
San Antonio Spurs 83
November 7th, 2008

Houston Rockets 99
Portland Trailblazers 101/Overtime
November 6th, 2008

Dallas Cowboys 14
New York Giants 35
Week 9 Final

Houston Texans 21
Minnesota Vikings 28
Week 9 Final

Dallas Stars 5, Anaheim Ducks 2
November 7th, 2008

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Hey guys. The name is Matthew, but you can call me Matt, or Mateo-the Spanish name for Matthew. I live in Central Texas and go to an extremely small school in one of the poorest counties in the state. I've been a member of Gaia for nearly a year now, but I only have 29 friends so I do appreciate any attention I get on this website, considering there is over 12,000,000 registered users. So please, even if you don't know me, send a friend request to me, or send me some profile comments and we can become friends, because I make friends easily. Trust me.

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1-800-422-4453 is the National Child Abuse Hotline. You might need the number.

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JRB-RIP-JRB Report | 12/19/2009 1:42 pm
ur point?idk who u are
JRB-RIP-JRB Report | 10/28/2009 5:11 pm
a u want 2 buy a guild?14k
waterlily78704 Report | 09/28/2009 12:03 pm
oh wow hey! how're you?
Gaara Loves Me_2 Report | 08/28/2009 6:55 pm
Gaara Loves Me_2
Now I feel so SPECIAL. (XD)

Jk. I love your guild! I'll donate gold! User Image
ursidaes Report | 08/23/2009 1:04 pm
Kewl profile :B
Gaara Loves Me_2 Report | 08/20/2009 9:58 am
Gaara Loves Me_2
Yeah. User Image

But I don't mind!
Gaara Loves Me_2 Report | 08/19/2009 8:08 am
Gaara Loves Me_2
Hi! I just joined your guild. Was I just randomly invited, or am I friends with someone in the guild?
frankwillrockyou Report | 01/28/2009 2:00 pm
whats up dude? i havent been on in forever! im going to play zomg the new game on here....
Aikiyo Report | 11/26/2008 8:17 am

i got 3 days off User Image
BlightedWolf Report | 11/26/2008 7:51 am
oki doki. this stinks i am out of lacrosse right now becuase of my broken arm and i get my cast off next wednesday. yea XD

Matt has left the building.

I am the same person as RSNMateo
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Please add me as a friend. I only have 26 or 29 of them on Gaia, and would appreciate making more. Please add me, and help me get to 40 by the end of the year.


I used to hate all sports when I was in elementary school, except for basketball. Basketball was ok. Then, the 2006 NFL season, it was the Chicago Bears against the Arizona Cardinals on Monday Night Football. My dad was for the Bears because he was from Chicago, so what the heck? I start sitting down and watching it and get entertained. The Bears came back from a 20-0 deficit to come back and win, what? 25-23 was the final score I think. Then I started getting interested in the NBA when the Mavericks got to the Finals but lost. Then yeah..came back from the 0-4 start in 2006 to finish 67-15. Baseball just magically became an interest for me it seemed. I'm a big Texas Ranger fan. I love all Dallas sports.

Television and Movies

My favorite actors are probably Jaleel White and Will Smith. My favorite actresses are probably Christian Serratos, Kelly Williams, and who knows? I got plenty. My favorite television show is "That 70's Show" and I have no favorite movies. I love plenty of them. My favorite television and movie genre is comedy.

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Hello, my name is Matt, and you're watching the NFL Network on Planet Fro Fro.

Hello, my name is Matt, and you're watching the NFL Network on Planet Fro Fro.

MDA/MKC Forever!!