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Birthday: 09/26

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I am new to GaiaOnline and have fallen for the Marketplace. I enjoy helping people with their gold and helping people manage their gold so that they won't plumit to less than 1,000.

I WILL NOT donate OR give my gold to you.
I WILL NOT except bribes.
I WILL help you to acheive your goals.
YOU DO NOT have to pay me.

I work with zOMG! Items, Ink, Tattoos, Game Items and more in the Marketplace.

If you want my help then feel free to PM me. Tell me what your goal is, the amount of gold that you have ( So I will know the amount of gold that you need to gain ), and anything else that you feel that I need to know. I'll come up with a plan for you to reach that goal and I will stick with you until your goal is achieved.

As I said, I am new to GaiaOnline and if you know something that I don't about this site, then please share your knowledge. I don't bite but I do BARK.


I'm not that good with first impressions. ^^"
Sorry if I made you think that I'm a kill-joy or that I have a stick up and around the corner OR A BLOOD SUCKING LAWYER!!! I don't really talk that much and I am " A really nice girl. ", so says my classmates. But what they don't know is that I am the master mind in my group os friends. ^_^
So if you plan on doing something that's against the rules of your school, then feel free to ask me how to get away with it. ._.

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Zombie3lf Report | 07/02/2013 7:37 am
thanks for the buy!
MadamePUNK Report | 07/01/2013 1:34 pm
Thanks for the purchase.
Please come again!User Image
neo_blizard Report | 09/26/2011 1:15 pm
...happy birthday!! ...
Music of Insanity Report | 12/08/2010 3:24 pm
Music of Insanity
Haha about the same.
But I have to do a creative writing assignment for Latin. (Technically, it's for Convention for Latin club, but Magistra's making us do it for a grade in class, too.) rolleyes
Music of Insanity Report | 12/08/2010 2:34 pm
Music of Insanity
Hey! What's up?
neo_blizard Report | 09/26/2010 7:12 am
happy birthday!
enjoy this day with all your family! blaugh
ZGMF-X31S-Abyss Report | 07/16/2010 10:36 pm
thx 4 buying
Reincarnated Fenrir Report | 12/23/2009 4:34 am
Reincarnated Fenrir
thanks for gift
neo_blizard Report | 12/11/2009 7:07 pm
happy hollidays! blaugh
have a nice weekend! 3nodding
neo_blizard Report | 12/02/2009 7:22 pm
thanks for the gift! 3nodding


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Tips on saving gold and gaining gold.




Congrats. If you are one of the very few people that
I talk to on gaia then you're also the only people
that receive gifts from me.

Also for zOMG!