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Occupation: Art Student/ College Student

Smell that? That's the smell of new comic books. Oh, yes!


Sorry, coffee's out of the question. When I moved, I promised my mother that I wouldn't start doing drugs.

"What's in a name?
That which we call a rose
By any other word would smell as sweet."

Yes, well, I'm polymerized tree sap
and you're an inorganic adhesive,
so whatever verbal projectile you launch in my direction
is reflected off of me,
returns to its original trajectory
and adheres to you.

Doff thee.

Big Bang Theory

& They Say...

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Fearful - Death Report | 03/18/2010 3:19 pm
Lol =]
Fearful - Death Report | 03/12/2010 9:26 pm
Lol Hopefully..
And Rad Avi, Love!
Fearful - Death Report | 03/10/2010 4:01 pm
A Vocational School. Pinellas Technical Education Center.
I've Always Wanted To Automotive Engineering, And They Have It There. The Kids Are Pretty Cool There Too, I Shadowed A Few Weeks Ago To See How It Would Be.
Fearful - Death Report | 03/09/2010 7:27 pm
Lol I Mean I Feel Dumb Because I'm In High School.. Taking Mainly Average Classes (Except English, Which Is AP) And Then Next Year I'm Sure I'm Going To be Stressing Myself Out SOOOO Bad From All The s**t That I'm Going To be Doing While Going To PTEC Part Time. sweatdrop Next Year Is Going To be Hell... But At Least We Don't Have To Take The FCAT EVER Again! Yayyyyy!
Fearful - Death Report | 03/09/2010 9:33 am
-Feels Like The Dumb Kid...-
Fearful - Death Report | 03/08/2010 5:12 pm
You're Not At Gibbs Anymore?
Fearful - Death Report | 03/07/2010 12:45 pm
I'm Alright. Chillin'.. Dreading Going Back To School Tomorrow. And Then FCAT Science On Thursday. Grr
Fearful - Death Report | 03/07/2010 12:31 pm
How's You?
I Miss You crying
Fearful - Death Report | 03/07/2010 11:48 am
How's You?
I Miss You crying
Fearful - Death Report | 03/07/2010 11:42 am

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