About Me =3


Welcome to my profile! I'm too lazy to describe myself in a paragraph form so I'll do it in a bulleted form xD And as you read along, you'll see mah face designed specially to scare you at night bwahahaha

@ I love K-Pop especially Beast and Wonder Girls =]
@ I love my friends even when they're at their worst
@ I absolutely hate annoying people

@ I'm very friendly so feel free to comment or chat ^^
@ I used to hate coffee but Accountancy has changed my tastes hahaha
@ I don't like black chocolate but all other types of chocolates are welcome

@ I LOVE country music. Carrie Underwood FTW <3
@ I don't reject friend requests on Gaia so feel free to add me =Þ
@ And also, you can send me friend requests on facebook and follow me on twitter! I don't really accept everyone on facebook though xD
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@ I absolutely LOVE the Hunger Games books. I honestly don't know what to think of the movie but I JUST CAN'T SEEM TO STOP REREADING THE THREE BOOKS
@ Please don't add me if you're planning on hacking my account, thanks =]
@ For those who are wondering, I am part Filipino and part Chinese. I have calculated myself to be 3/8 Chinese HAHAHA

@ The following will be zOMG related so keep up with me here xD
@ I do NOT like leechers. If I were the leader, I'd kick them without a moment's hesitation
@ I also do NOT like people who lag and still ask people to crew them. Seriously, you're just going to bring the whole crew down.
@ I add people who are good crewmates so if ever I added you after crewing with you, then feel free to feel complimented xD