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Fodlan Report | 08/12/2022 6:24 pm
Thank you! For stopping by!
I'm glad you are very supportive and loving of her! I hope you and wish you a very happy future!
People should not be alone in life, so I am glad you have found eachother. Stick together okay?

I love FE feel free to talk to me about it whenever
It was not intentional! I havent played FEH in a while and was thinking of making a new account.
But hehe I see the resemblance its sort of like a lighter version almost!

Today was a very good day I hope yours was as well!
A s h i P r i s m Report | 08/08/2022 10:06 am
A s h i P r i s m

Hi my love! ( ^ ω ^ ) ♡
Thank you so much for getting my Serafilia Eyes! Thank you!! (♥// ω //♥)
Always making me feel loved and special! Some times I think I don't deserve you!
So happy that your going to be in California in December! ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
PS: Do you like my Shinguji Sakura cosplay? Its to honor her from the Sakura Wars games that also includes my profile and music! (✧ ω ✧)
Hope you have wonderful day. Got a busy work schedule again plus inventory weekend. Boo! ( TT ω TT )
I love you my special guy!

Prince Corrin Report | 08/04/2022 11:07 pm
Prince Corrin
True, true. O__O It's absolutely nutty! the gel packs work wonders tho. As I said those long ones with the blue gel are best!
There's like 3 packs on ebay I've seen. Now idk if they have em on Amazon but I'm sure they do, too. There are many that are in my gram's freezer that I use.
Shulkster even has laid on one xD So if it works for my furry boi, I hope it may help for you!

LOL YES XDDD Some are really bad but like I've seen in recent times of people revamping them so they're not so cringe and that's cool to see!
EXE was so bad that it got moved to the Trollpasta wiki, too xD It pissed off the creator so badly, too!

Hellllll yee! I've made all of them minus the Resplendent armor! They're in my journal! The arena/Runway archives~ ^ - ^
I like archiving my stuff to share with folks and to maybe find some fans of things I like~

Oh! O ^ O My b! I just saw a mini thing on YT and was like "sthap putting this in my feed O A O"

But I've been afk a lot working on my Sonic themed ACNH island! I FINALLY flattened the entire island and I'm moving the buildings to the very back to start planning
I moved in these cuties so far:
Twiggy (parakeet villager)
Petri (mad scientist mouse - fits for the Eggman theme)

I'm woring on moving in Stitches next as a nod to Tails Doll lol!!! Then my irl buddy, LadyOfSinh on Gaia, showed me Cephlabot's card and I was like "Robot villagers! Shoot I almost forgot!"
So I'm waiting on his card to come in the mail and I'm moving him in. I'm trying to decide if I wanna keep Dom (jock sheep) or not. He's mega cute tho! He was my starting villager when I made the island.

I have plans for some ideas tho like Tails' workshop, Green Hill Zone, a Chao Garden, Master Emerald / Chaos Emerald Shrine, and maybe an Eggman Land section!
I gotta see how much room my builds may take up first before I go all in.
Prince Corrin Report | 08/03/2022 12:46 am
Prince Corrin
I just say from experience as I have a small desk fan that I keep propped up on a chair in the room I sleep in at my grandmother's place and it helps!
Now I'm not sure how it'll work for bigger fans tho. But if you have a bowl, put some water in it and freeze it! I also did that for a little bit as well when it was really, really bad.
I guess my body is getting more use to the heat? But I still don't want to have any heat sickness issues if I can help it. Plus it keeps my fuzzy boi cool and that's another priority.

Lol yes xDD Friday Night Funkin brought it back and I've seen quite a few different takes on it via LuigiKid's content on Youtube! I just like bad-ending AU ideas I guess lol!
Trevor also has cosplayed Jeff the Killer at one point, too xD It's mostly for fun since he can't afford expensive cosplays and I know that feel.
I have some cute cat ears that look like Tails' ears (they high quality plastic) with white fluffy insides and custom Tails' tails that I had made for me 8-9 years or so ago now.
Everything else is casual clothing since it's easier for packing purposes~

It really is O__O Same goes for the other variations like the New Year and Dream Prince outfits, too....dang man!
And with what Ren cosplays, that's not too good for him either. Joker and Jakob's outfits are pretty detailed and would probably cause him to get heatsick...
I hope honestly. Like whoever runs Tekko as a whole should be contacted y con-goers making some suggestions to move the con back to Spring.
Yeah sure some cons in the past had snow but PA weather is bipolar, what does one expect here? xD Or like May if they wanna do that.
I think that'd be cool since Ren's birthday is May 20th so like if it took place in May, I think that'd be a nice compromise maybe?

It's already out from what I know~ The only thing I know is that there are statues of the previous protags. Shulk "apparently" has a robot arm and longer hair like Zanza's in the statue's depiction.
If that really is a robot arm, I wonder how the heck that happened. o n o I know it's getting DLC so maybe we'll find out? I'm just making speculations here since I kinda don't wanna look up cutscenes.
The Shulk statue thing I saw in my recommended and I was like " that Shulk or Zanza" and I had to look xD
Prince Corrin Report | 08/02/2022 9:50 pm
Prince Corrin
For real! And ofc that's a big fat no.....Ice packs save you in the heat tho! I highly suggest it! Place one in front of a desk fan and boom!
I've been doing this for the past many months and I can say it helps a lot! Make sure to keep many of them chilled in the freezer. Those big blue gel packs work best.

If you guys are able to cosplay irl that'd be cool~ Cosplaying irl with friends or a partner is super fun! Back in the old high school days, my friends and I did that~
Then when Sonic.exe became a thing my best friend, Trevor, wanted to just do a humanized thing of him since I cosplay Tails - and I was gifted a custom made Tails Doll when I was 17. xD
Yes the creepypasta is bad but like the funny memories are still there tho! Oh and one of my other buddies, Amber, cosplayed Cosmo at one of the past cons, too.

I hope that I can do that again someday with Ren tho! That'd be super cool! Maybe there's other cons in the Pittsburgh area - I think there are - so we don't have to be forced to go to a summer con. @ w @
Especially with the cosplays we plan on doing, going as Corrin and the different ships (Ren/Joker, Akechi, Cloud, Byleth and Jakob) is a big fat no. Corrin's armor will kill me. O__O
Thus why I really do hope that Tekko reconsiders this decision. There are many con-goers that don't do well in heat. Plus the con is notorious for having the convention center being overly hot...

You're fine! Sometimes I derp and misunderstand when I read things. ^-^;; Male Corrin's Japanese VA is simply adorable as are Pit and Dark Pit's shared VA!
Shulk, too! I discovered that he also voices Ryouta from Hatoful Boyfriend and that Hato Moa did art of Shulk and Zanza at one point~ Their dA is gone, sadly tho ;w;
Prince Corrin Report | 08/02/2022 6:42 pm
Prince Corrin
True that! Put on a coat or when you're indoors in the night, loads of blankets! Heat? No. That's so much harder to deal with.
Thus why I have a lotta ice packs and lots of lemon water as of recent as I'm trying to start drinking that once more.
It's crazy tho honestly! o n o I wish there were better ways of coping with the heatwaves imho.

Duo cosplays are always fun tho! ^ - ^ When you have a partner or a buddy to do fun stuff with, it makes it better!
Oh! And irl cosplays are super fun, too! As I said with Ren and his irl cosplays! We just like working on wholesome shipping things ^-^
Like the Eros and Ravio piece I shared~ Big AU thing I started in 2019 and when I met Ren later that year, he got interested and things snowballed xD
So the Kid Icarus x LoZ x Xenolade AU is like this massive thing xD It was originally started by me and my ex in alllll the way back form 2014 and bro I ain't letting all the AU writings I've done go to waste.

OHHHH! Ok that's what you meant! My bad! I got confused there. ^-^;; Looking up Zack's VA, his JPN VA also voices Demyx! That's pretty cool~
A lotta VAs have a lotta talent and are great at their roles for sure! My college buddy, James, told me that Femleth and Yuri's VAs were at our local con and I was like "Aww man!"
Cuz now that the con is in the summer instead of Spring, I am not risking going ono;; He tried getting something signed for me but couldn't find the booths, but I appreciate him for it!

I hope that Tekko - the con - reconsiders on this and goes back to late March / early April. Oof.
Prince Corrin Report | 08/01/2022 3:37 pm
Prince Corrin
I feel like cold weather is more manageable tho honestly! But also due to my neurological conditions, heat makes me really sick.

Well like Ren has other cosplays that he's working on but he's busy with work, his bunbuns (they're getting up in age), and lack of plat.....I plan on spoiling him and he's gonna be like "Corrin, no." xD
He has a wip Joker, student Ren, Goro Akechi, human!Modern Sonic (Ashen Demon has Classic Sonic gijinka), his OC Ren, Cloud Strife, and ofc Jakob.
I cosplay Corrin irl and he cosplays Jakob - and since we ship Jakob and Corrin he tends to cosplay him more~ And Ravio! We have this long running Kid Icarus / LOZ crossover AU.
So the "counterparts" thing got us interested and we made many counterparts - Ravio being paired with Dark Pit's counterpart, Eros.

Mostly wholesome AU stuff during the pandemic as stress relief but working on it is fun!

Johan is one of my favorites honestly! Love the rainbow boi to bits! Oh? I didn't know that! I think his VA was Pete Capella? Silver's old VA? Unless I'm remembering it wrong.....

Yeah @ w @ Like I said with me seeing the seedy part of the fandom, you notice it more and it's like "ew." But yeah it just bugs me that they handled the PTSD and abuse aspect so badly.
So the fandom just devolves into thinking bad things of abuse survivors. Bad after-effect imho.
Prince Corrin Report | 08/01/2022 1:02 pm
Prince Corrin
Tyty! PA's weather is bipolar. High highs and low lows. Ngl the cold doesn't bug me as bad - minus slush and ice - but the heat is murder. OTL

Thank you for letting me know~ Grabbing the icon for later! owob You're welcome~ I see a lotta Three Houses cosplays and it's great to see them~

You've probably seen but Ren mostly cosplays Jakob ^-^ He has the Academy uniform Byleth that he's worked on!

But yeah sometimes I ramble a lot - and at least in terms of my disdain for YuGiOh, I have to kinda go into detail since some peeps don't get why.
I understand why they don't get it at first since I still have a love for GX and ARC-V but personal reasons make me hate some other series because of the gross ***** lurking in the fandom.

But yes I have my Johan and Hell Johan in my arena uploads and the journal archive! Same with my Yuuya. I had even made a Quartz Stub for Yuuya, too.
But after the split, I don't have the heart to cosplay em and I sold my Yuuya bangs. Actually I made a Makoto Tachibana hair for my ex's ungrateful a**, too. Smh.

I'm glad that there are indeed sane folks like you around in the fandom. More and more lolicons / ***** are showing up all over the fandom and it makes me sick. emotion_puke

Ok good~ I just hate people who just throw Crow under the bus. Like I LOVE MangaKamen's content but his constant Crow bashing for everyone's favorite slut in the YGO fandom makes me cringe. :statre:
I mean as I said, that's ALL Aki is known for. That's all she's used for. R34 art and NOTHING else. Like I said, I guess people like the big tiddie insecure girls that they can exploit and abuse, eh?
As I said, piss poor representation of an abuse survivor and mental health (PTSD) - it just shows the fandom "Oh hey, I hope I can get a mentally broken s/o and they'll become a kiss a** simp for me!"

....******** hell.
Prince Corrin Report | 08/01/2022 12:25 pm
Prince Corrin
'ello! Letting you know Ima get to the replies soon! This heat, my headaches (due to my neurological condition), and other things are kicking my a**.

I wanted to say thank you to adding me on your profile~ Do you have a Smash main? So I may add the icon to my links section! owob

Also your Femleth is cute! owob Always happy to see FE cosplays~ My husband and buddy, Red, cosplay Bylad~
El Quiu Report | 07/27/2022 5:18 pm
El Quiu
yoooo ty so much my dude!! im glad you liked it!! ty for comment!!
ive been waiting for that hair item to be sold on mp for the longest time xd


Hello folks, the name's Logan. I'm 28 years old, i love me some video games, anime, and (as you can tell by my avi) love to cosplay. If there's anything you'd like to know that i didn't say in this (brief) summary, your welcome to pm me and ask. ^u^ pirate

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