s**t im wearing

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Watari cant afford



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d3athnote misa Report | 05/20/2008 11:28 am
d3athnote misa
ewww why is that bootleg misa fighting on your pro. leave matsuda alone you shitheads D:<
Vocaloid Satsujin Report | 05/18/2008 3:01 pm
Vocaloid Satsujin
How are you? I like ur avi XD
xXxP0rn_Flav0r_c0nd0msxXx Report | 03/30/2008 7:17 am
why do u hurt me anyway i mean u have your friends and i have mine what in the death god's name, why r u still bothering me!
L Lawliet 99 Report | 03/29/2008 9:24 pm
L Lawliet  99
Your still at this?
EclipseAlexander Report | 03/29/2008 6:15 pm
DUDE SHUT UP...there are a tone of different Misa's get your head out your a** and get over it...what are you like 5
xXxP0rn_Flav0r_c0nd0msxXx Report | 03/29/2008 6:07 pm
oh ******** yourself and ******** your whole family
L Lawliet 99 Report | 03/24/2008 6:44 pm
L Lawliet  99
Leave Misa alone, ok I get it there's like 20 misa's they don't all wear the same thing doesn't mean you can treat people like crap you a** whole back off.
xXxP0rn_Flav0r_c0nd0msxXx Report | 03/24/2008 5:32 am
you should go suck your own c**k because your outfit didn't cost a penny! your so rude! i don't give a damn! so just go crawl back to your misa and leave me in peace so bite meh!!!!!!! u better ******** stay of my profile or i'm gonna get in the way of your pathic world got it!!!! never ever commen on my profile or look at it!!! your just as bad as any of my hate comments!!!! so once again, SCREW YOU AND YOUR LIFE!!!!!!!
xXxP0rn_Flav0r_c0nd0msxXx Report | 03/24/2008 5:23 am
well guess what? i don't give a damn so screw you!
lilybit13 Report | 03/22/2008 5:48 pm
your welcome ^_^ lol
d3athnote misa
l the boss l
Im gay for Sasuke
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