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Tim Drake is the son of Jack and Janet Drake, coming from the same social class as Bruce Wayne.[10] When he was a young child, he visited the circus for the first time with his parents. The Drakes asked the Flying Graysons for a photo together, resulting in a momentary bond between Dick Grayson and Tim Drake as they met for the first time.[11]

After reaching the age of nine, Drake deduces the identities of Batman and Robin as Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson after witnessing a gymnastic move by Robin that Grayson displayed while performing with the Flying Graysons. Noting that Batman has grown reckless and violent following the death of second Robin Jason Todd, who was murdered by the Joker, Drake decided to intervene and Batman eventually enlisted him as the third Robin after the death of his mother and crippling of his father. Jack Drake also appeared in Identity Crisis. When Jean Loring sent him a gun he used it in self-defense and killed Captain Boomerang, but at the last second, Captain Boomerang threw a boomerang that killed Jack Drake. As a result Tim became an orphan, continuing the long held tradition that Robin is an orphan.

Before joining Batman as the new Robin, Tim Drake was given a modern redesign of the Robin costume and sent to train abroad with numerous masters.[14] When Bruce Wayne retires after Knightfall, Robin goes solo to defend Gotham. Robin would eventually go on to co-star with other teenaged superheros in Young Justice and Teen Titans. He also made guest appearances in other DC comic books such as Nightwing and Azrael.

Following the deaths of his father in Identity Crisis (2004), his girlfriend Stephanie Brown in Batman: War Games (2004–2005) and his best friend Superboy (Kon-El) in Infinite Crisis (2005–2006), Drake was relocated to Blüdhaven for a period of time in order to escape the "ghosts" of Gotham City and to stay close to his stepmother Dana Winters who was admitted into a Blüdhaven clinic after going into psychological shock over Jack Drake's murder at the hands of Captain Boomerang,[15][16] was given another redesign of the Robin costume in the colors of Superboy's costume[17] and was formally adopted by Bruce Wayne as his son.[10][18]

After Batman's apparent death in Batman R.I.P. and Final Crisis, Bruce Wayne's biological son Damian Wayne takes up the Robin identity while Tim Drake, believing that his mentor is still alive, assumes the identity of Red Robin and leaves Gotham City to go on a worldwide search for Bruce Wayne.


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-Ren Mika- Report | 09/13/2016 12:02 am
-Ren Mika-
Hey there! Happy Early Birthday! Hope you have a safe one!! heart
AkiCup Report | 04/04/2014 9:05 pm
Ty for buying, come again♥
Spontaneous Cutie Report | 04/03/2014 9:38 pm
Spontaneous Cutie
Know what that is a great ideal i going to do that right now to see who make a cosplay out of him thank bro.
Spontaneous Cutie Report | 04/03/2014 8:59 pm
Spontaneous Cutie
User Image

God damn bro my eyes went into shock for seeing that avatar that really look like the real goku you really good at cosplay avater make me want to do one myself I should because it one I want to do so badly but I do not know should I do it or not I do not know I know I got the gold the get the outfit but here the photo of the person I want to cosplay he from melty blood actress again I know i have to pick between blue or black japan school uniform but i want to hear you want to think I should do okay.
-Ren Mika- Report | 04/03/2014 8:28 pm
-Ren Mika-
Your update on your cosplay looks good.
Thanks for the laughs in towns.
Spontaneous Cutie Report | 04/03/2014 8:14 pm
Spontaneous Cutie
Okay when you do that then you be all done but still damn that is so awesome how you pull this off dude you got to keep that avatar if you going to make a goku avatar please let me know okay.
Spontaneous Cutie Report | 04/03/2014 7:58 pm
Spontaneous Cutie
Wow I do said that outfit I really dig it really I am bro.
-Ren Mika- Report | 04/01/2014 9:44 pm
-Ren Mika-
Towns? 001023 Barton 8
Oh it was nice meeting you in towns. Plus your profile looks awesome. My name is Ren or call me Light.
As Fall Comes Report | 01/08/2014 5:56 pm
As Fall Comes
Looks nice c:
As Fall Comes Report | 01/08/2014 5:28 pm
As Fall Comes
Just watching tv. How about yourself?



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