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Guten Tag,

Wow, it's been along time since I actually updated my info. Well let's do it then shall we. I am 35! I have been a member of Gaia since 2004 and this is my third account. For verious reasions. I live in Manitoba, Canada.

I have many talents some of which are singing, playing the ukulele, drawing/ painting, writin and party planning. I'm also a very good listener and problem solver (for others that is.) Somehow I don't always solve my problems in the best way. Odd... Anyway, I love moives, music TV shows and fan fiction.

I work in a personal care home, or nursing home, as a recreation facilitator. In plain talk I run activities for the elderly who live there. Before COVID hit I was running our adult day program which provides care and support or seniors living in the community. They come in for the day, have a good meal, have some fun, make friends and socialize. It’s really the joy of my life to work with them. I can’t wait for COVID to take a break so I can get back to supporting them!

I am Asexual. It too, a long time for me to understand what it was I truly identified as. I had a lot of support from my friends and two years agar I finally came out to my extended family and coworkers.

I have strong oppinions and will for the most part keep them to myself, unless you start a stupid conversation then be prepared to get shut down by my soap box. razz I truly care about others so if I get mad about something stupid you did that either could have gotten you hurt or gotten you in serious trouble it's cuz I care. I am the kind of person that will give you my last penny and the shirt off my back. But I do insist on people learning from their mistakes, I give lots of chances to fix things but after so many times I have to throw in the towel, as much as it kills me to do it, and let you figure things out for yourselves even if it mean you hitting rock bottom. I've been there and sometimes it's just want a person needs.

I am a plus size girl and though I do not apologize for it and am quite confident, I can admit that it is not healthy for me as I am. I am trying to lose weight so that my joints stop hurting so much and so I can breath better.

Anyway, I'll stop now since It's way too long already. Anything else you want to know, my life is basically an open book just PM me.

Till then

Auf Wiedersehen

How I have been seen by others

Kind, caring, suppotive, empathetic, a good listener, mediator, problem solver, unstable, humorus, artistic, musical, sad, dreamer, in love with love, obsesive, stuborn, intelegent, adult, childish, young, exitable, reliable, trustworthy, dominant.

I admire

My uncle, my mum, my cousin Brandy, friends and people who stand up for what they believe in.


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hi-- thank you for the bundles you listed on the mp! it feels like my birthday opening them all up lol
hope you have a wonderful day! heart
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I am in LOVE with your avatar <3
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-poke poke- ERIN!! I'm baaaack. Has been a while. xD



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