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twinkletoes6 Report | 03/02/2011 9:19 pm
awwwww orion!!!! i miss you sooooooooooooo much!!! u dont even kno! our fams gotta hang together soon! im serious! tell ur mom rigght now to call me to set something up! mkay?? aha well u go on this more then me apparently aahaa but jus wanted to say heyy and i miss u!! hahaha(:
twinkletoes6 Report | 03/13/2009 3:56 pm
u changeded ur avi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!noooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!............jkjkjkjk ima do more stuff 2 ur pro tonight kk-k

i kissed ur brother..........u no ur jelly!!!!!! blaugh
twinkletoes6 Report | 03/01/2009 6:24 pm
like the new back round...........but i like the 1 i put on it 4 u bettr
redvines100 Report | 02/19/2009 3:17 pm
hey y dose it say on my friends list call me babe thats a little strange but ok hey i know we havent talked in a long tym but im going to task u a little favor can u plz take a look at my profile and help me get to my dream avaitar plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! lots of luv from me to u
redvines100 Report | 02/19/2009 3:11 pm
hey can u plz take a look at my profile and help me get to my dream avaitar plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! luv ya lots of luv from me to u
twinkletoes6 Report | 01/10/2009 8:58 pm
ur such a lair im gunna ask him razz
unstable__misery Report | 01/08/2009 11:08 pm
is this brooke's neighbor?????
twinkletoes6 Report | 01/06/2009 10:27 pm
soooooooooooo................wats up???????????????i no tat ur probly wounderin y we havent been at mi dads house and its cuz hes in mizzouri so we wont b goin over there until he gets bak but we will go there to check on the snake and the fish like every day so just keep a look out for us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!luv ya<3333333@(^.^)@
twinkletoes6 Report | 01/06/2009 9:50 pm
the next time i c u ill do it 4 u or u can just tell me wat u want done and ill do it for u
Kaylenn xP Report | 01/05/2009 4:39 pm
Kaylenn xP
Freckly Booty

my bff