Hi, My page is under work so most things have been deleted.

My avatar is relitive to a story I made up in school.
How I changed:
"Over the years I have been studing the power of Fire and Ice. My colleges and I were doing an experiment on animals to give them the ability to manipulate Ice an Fire. Most of the experiments died due to unknown causes. The project was cancelled.
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But I would not accept that.My brother,Xan helped me conduct the experiments on myself, but when doing so an error apperred in the middle of the transformation process, which was done on myself. After I got out of the Transformation Cell Xan turned off the process mechinesum.
I noticed that I now feel...colder, but it didnt discomfort me. Then I felt sharp pains throught my body. After I awoke the next moring I had a Blue Fire Tail and my hair changed from red to Ice Blue! The experiment was a success! Apperantly I had gained the ability to manipulate Ice. At a thought I can freeze other things and create large amounts of Ice.
Xan was over joyed with the success.
I went to show my colleges the greet success I have acomplished...when I arrived they thought of me as a monster, a calamity not to exist. They capured me and locked me up for several years...
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After many years of trainning and refurbishing of my abilities I released nyself from the prison I was withheld in. The guards tried to stop me but I dodged there gun shoots and only minorly wounding them.
Once I finally reach the outside I saw my colleges. But something was amiss...behind them was a large black contanment cell. One of them went to the cell and opened it. Inside was my brother, and yet he wasnt.
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They had conducted the same experiments on my brother to turn him into a Fire Manipulator! He had the tail and the firery red hair, but he had this thing over his eyes... one of the colleges took out a controller and turned it on. This made Xan move. They were controlling Xan! Apperantly after I was sent to the holding cell they sought after my experimentations, which they had used on my own brother.
They wanted to see there "Ultimate Fighter" in action. Xan hurled a large ball of fire at me. I dodged at tried to talk to Xan, he couldnt hear me...he was being controlled by them.
Filled with anger and hatred, rage consumed me. I went out of control and released a massive amount of energy, after I regained concesness I saw that the entire area had been frozen over. Most of the colleges were frozen in ice, but not all of them, and the Cell was missing....

December 12th, 2103 A.D.:
Due to recient events I have decided to use a journal to Log in my actions.
Its was below -60 Degrees today, I didnt mind but that would be a new record for lows in this region.
I have made myself shelter in a old world mansion long abandoned. As I was looking through this mansion I found a Winter Fox Mink. Its the first I have seen alive. Most of them were wiped off the planet. I learned to speak with it over a short period of time.(Apperently my new abilities give me the ability to speak with Winter animals.) His name was Shirune, one of the last of its kind. It too had some what of Ice Manipulation, but not as great as mine. He does, however have vast knowledge on how to manipulate Ice.
I have learned how to use Ice as a defense...
December 14th, 2103 A.D.:
Its been a week since the "Incident". Still training and fine tuning my Ice Defenses I have learned a great deal of knowledge about Shirune an his history. After looking around the mansion I found a well locked room.(not that I couldnt open it..) I found inside a book and some clothing. In the far back closet in this room was vault. The closer I got to the vault the more I could see that it was no ordinary vault. Papers scatterd all around the vault explained that there was some kind of Jacket inside the vault. One paper explained that the Jacket was an experimental Jacket that could not be destroyed by any amounts of energy. It further explianed the finer details of the Jacket, that it had a name for it, "Nova Omega". It was Balistics-Proof, Fire-Proof, Ice-Proof, Ion-Proof, Plasma-Proof, Laser-Proof, and Ect... . I was fasinated by the information that I have just read that I wished to see this Jacket. But the vault ,too, was All Proofed just like the Jacket. Shirune looked up at me and told me to stand back. Surprised at what he just said to me I asked him why? He told me he knows how to open that vault without the use of Manipulation. Shirune stared to mumble some thing inaduiable to me and the vault opened! I asked, "How did you do that?". He replyed, "I used Cazrian Magic, It is an ancient power only we Winter Mink have."
Amazed at the power of my friend is capable of I asked if he could teach me, for you see, I have the same abilities as the Winter mink Fox. That is what I based my data and research on in my old facilities. Shirune was unsure, he said let him think for abit. So in the mean time I went to retrieve the Jacket. Its was very large in size and I asumed that it would not fit me, but as soon as I put it on It changed it size to match my own!
This Jacket was amazing, and very comfortable.
I futher searched the room for anything else, but nothing came up.
I returned to my room and went to sleep...

More stuff will be added once in a while.
So look here once in awhile for update.


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i like your avi even if it is really simple it's like not at the same time
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