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No matter how much you scream nobody will hear it...]

These monotone words floated from his lips as he knelt beside the man who just moments ago stole a priceless artifact from his manor. It had no real importance other then hte fact it was very old and if handeled improperly would snap in half. Staring down at the theif with icy ember eyes Reko drew his sword contemplating on where to slash and watch the theif bleed out.

(through spurts of blood)" Here!! just take it back~ p-please jsut let me go...im only tryna make a living!"

There are other ways to live by other means then this.

Raising 'The Black Kings Victory" over his head Reko sliced the main down the middle watching him slowly split apart before taking his stolen item back to his home...

These memories are all that remain of my solitary past as my home within Aeka has been destroyed by these..."Animated' forcing me to live among the people of Barton for now. I am master Reko Cloud guardian of the Giordanni Moreno the descendants of the sea. My age is of my own unless i trust you otherwise. I refrain from talking to most people unless they approach me with no fear by the way i look at them. Apart from that upon meeting me one would say i am a unique contradiciton or so my friends have told me.

I prefer to spend my time among nature with animals just to relax and draw to my hearts content with my close friends. Music is a passion i desire more then that of a stranger's company as it envelopes me into a world of my own making where things are happy even if it may not seem such. My loyalties reside in my one even with the failure of ym past then rent us apart... Forgiveness is a strange thing even in the one who will never let it go.

Thats enough for now time is shorter then the numbers of animated that need to meet the swift end of my blade. If you wish to speak please do not hesitate to leave a messgae.


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