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about me ( fetus writing )

Ok i hope some one is reading this today/ my real name is Kandice And i am a chearldeer and i am 12 yrs old and i hope yaa now that i work at a store at gaia i work at the movie and i can report you if i want to ok and bye........thx for reading


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Sweet Annallee Report | 03/12/2009 7:25 pm
Sweet Annallee
how r u my best friend?? i hope u will fine
x la rosa blanca x Report | 03/09/2009 6:05 am
x la rosa blanca x
no se si hablas español pero
******feliz cumple******
Jenny Fett Report | 11/22/2008 4:49 am
Jenny Fett
yes i am ok how about you are coming today
Cuttie Tallia Report | 11/21/2008 8:05 pm
Cuttie Tallia
ok no prob ttyl
Cuttie Tallia Report | 11/19/2008 8:47 pm
Cuttie Tallia
i hope this wont offend you but, i absolutely HATE the jonas brothers like i can't stand them!
Cuttie Tallia Report | 11/16/2008 2:13 pm
Cuttie Tallia
ok sorry, nvm
iDarkSaintSunday Report | 11/16/2008 1:05 pm
~good~ huh... and how are yo???
xX_i luv cookiehz_Xx Report | 11/15/2008 7:40 pm
xX_i luv cookiehz_Xx
Cuttie Tallia Report | 11/15/2008 6:48 pm
Cuttie Tallia
fine convince me tell me what is her name & her last name and the names for her 2 brothers and if you get it wrong it's a lie
anaimportada Report | 11/15/2008 1:12 pm
im ok u?