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Name: Cody
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Right Now: single
Gender: Male. l:L
Likes: Lots of stuff, and Canada
Dislikes: Twilight, Justin Bieber, and ******** TROLLS. ******** YOU TROLLS. ******** YOU.
Age: 17
Lives: Nowhere, DE

I'm an atheist. I'm not into anime, I'm not extremely interested in comics, I have no obsessions, and no hobbies. With absolutely nothing keeping me busy in my life and absolutely no religion to repent to, I've managed to stay a normal (if you can call me normal) teenager. I dress normally, I speak normally, I have friends outside of the internet. And yet I've never had a real girlfriend, never done any drugs, and I've never drank. I guess I just never wanted to. Except for the girlfriend thing, I'd love to have one.

Quote: "Nothing good ever happens after two a.m."
-Ted Mosby

Feel free to ask me stupid questions.
and one more thing

That's not pudding.

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