There once was a man...named Mashed Potato Jones

Mashed Potato Jones wasn't a great man, but he tried to be as great a person as he could be. He isn't without his faults, and over time, he came to learn from them. He has done some things in his past...that he isn't proud of. He thought himself a monster because of them, but it took some very special people to show him that he wasn't a monster at all. He tried to achieve things that he wanted, but in the end, it just wasn't in his destiny to do them. I am the frog, that the name has been passed down to. I'm here to let you know that there was indeed, a Mashed Potato Jones, and that he is still out there. You can maybe even still talk to him...if you really wish it...taking the spaces out of his name...and putting into something called Skype...I'm sure you'll find him in due time. Here is to Mashed Potato Jones, a great man in his own right.