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Wow that comment seems old as hell. Looking back to that post,I regret ever making the erebus moon. That f*cking thing cost me over 57mil to make with about 12mil just from it failing. emotion_facepalm

I'm really liking the Leprosy - 02 Volver A Nacer (Llueve Sangre) one! sounds badass and it's going on my newer playlist since I maxed out my workout one.
Goddamn that one by STRAVAGANZZA is epic,another added to my playlist. The name sounds like a spin off of the word extravagant too. @3 : 07,lovely growls. emotion_awesome

Luzbel has a nice old school sound to it. another to my playlist!

You know some awesome music dude,thanks for the links. emotion_brofist

Here i'll just give you a link to all of my playlist with a f*ck ton of music,you'll probably never be able to finish them in year.

Keep in mind that I often click the wrong playlists and videos go to the wrong spots.
Eastern music is the most recent one,I have a thing for beautiful foreign music as well as death and power metal.

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Cool avi c:


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