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call me fujiko
i love all things kawaii ^_^)=b

i love to draw ;O;


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Ariellati Report | 02/03/2013 3:30 pm
" -hugs- :3 ^^ im glad your doing great too c: and currently none right now cx i just finished Medaka Box season 1 and 2 and i dont know which to watch now cx lol any suggestions? c:~ ♥ User Image "
Ariellati Report | 02/03/2013 12:41 pm
" <33 hi hi c: im great and you? ^^ ~ ♥ User Image"
Unetsu Report | 01/21/2013 9:48 pm
Unetsu Report | 01/19/2013 6:45 pm
Awh shush, I'm not that sweet. I can actually be quite b*tchy.
I feel more lucky to have him most of the time. > u <
Uhm anything honestly, other than like generic school settings and zombie/apocalypse RPs. Do you role play?
I don't mind, I'm a JR in High School.
Unetsu Report | 01/19/2013 1:54 pm
I honestly think we are equals if anything, but thank you ; u ;
Lol why wouldn't I talk to you? You're silly.
Sorry for the late reply, I went to bed or was writing a reply to an RP I'm in, can't remember which.
Unetsu Report | 01/18/2013 8:24 pm
Don't feel unworthy, that's silly ;_;
I think you're better at drawing than me, actually.
Unetsu Report | 01/14/2013 3:13 pm
My phone won't send PMs ._.
I'm okay, I'm on my period so I'm really b*tchy.
Unetsu Report | 01/10/2013 11:29 pm
Oops, sorry for the late reply. Been busy lately and have only been online to play zOMG for a little while.
He says that since I've got to deal with labor, I should get to chose the name. Of course he's going to have a say, but what I say goes. I wouldn't choose a name that we both didn't agree with though, no matter how much I liked it.
We also never know if we'll get a girl! I'm kind of scared that he won't be able to get attached to our baby at first if it's a girl... Is that bad of me? ' m '
I thought that of myself at first actually... I don't anymore though.
LOL that's exactly why we don't want a girl. Females are bratty from the damn start! Even I think my 8 month old niece is a butt hole. Then again she's a baby, and babies are fussy. Can't really judge her yet, right?

Um oh God are c-sections... Painful? Like, they put you to sleep right?

I hate raves and party scenes with an undying passion... I hate to tell people that my boyfriend used to be a DJ because of that fact. (I support him, but not what he was surrounded by...)
Again, everyone had those rebel phases. Even if they were as short lasting and as small as mine were. It happens.
Aha, uh, not sure where you live but the reason I hate raves is BECAUSE of the people... Everyone is either 11-15 wearing virtually nothing or 16+ crack whores and or boys that want to slip drugs on you.
That's in my area though, not sure how it is anywhere else and I'm not ever going to find out personally. ' _'
SORRY if I'm sounding like a b*tch about this, I've had a really bad past with that subject I just really really really despise it ah I'm sorry ; _;

On a lighter note yes I do like anime, I'm really picky though... I don't watch it often.
Never heard of it ' . '
Erm, my favorite anime is Sword Art Online right now, only because it reminds me of a newer version of an old anime/game series that I love.

Wow I talk a lot. I will not be surprised if you didn't read this. xD
Unetsu Report | 01/08/2013 8:27 pm
I really love the name Calsipher, he's iffy about it though.
We both like the name Jeremy, but that's too generic for me.. Maybe.
I haven't even thought about girl names yet because I really want a boy. I'll be happy with either of course just, that's what we want.
Uh, I'd probably name her Luna. Or something of that nature. I really love the moon/space/night time.

Lol that's funny. I think both of us aren't very fertile... I've got a problem down in that area that runs in my family, and I've come to think I have a narrow uterus.
And, I know this is silly, but my boyfriend has been subject to drinking so much soda that I think it's affected him lol. Mountain Dew to be specific, which has been known to cut sperm count.
Or at least that's what I've heard.
He also used to smoke a lot of weed and drank when he was like 13, which can mess with sperm count as well.
Thank f*cking God he quit that sh*t a few years before we met each other. /reallyhatesdrugs&drinking
I think every kid goes through that rebel phase. I only did for a few months, and I only tried drinking or smoking weed once. Hated both of them.
I know my kid aint EVER trying NOTHIN', though. NOOO sir.
Lol gettin' off topic.
Unetsu Report | 01/08/2013 3:07 pm
Oh my, that's a while ago huh?! xD
Oh gosh I love kids, I didn't used to at all. After my sister had my niece though... I fell so in love with her and the thought of having a child.
We've got a while to wait for that. I'd like to have one at 25 at the latest, but my boyfriend wants us to be completely stable financially. Which I completely understand, of course.
Eeee I love babies. Don't love diapers though ohh no.


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Amazing is an understatement, the artists at stargazers are phenomenal.


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