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Total Value: 62,597 Gold
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Item List:
Devoted Pawn
Black GetaGRIP Gloves
Barq VOX Sneakers
Lunar Scythe
Blade's Leggings
Black Goth Pants
Black GetaGRIP Pants
Black Class Shirt
Black Long Coat
Black Top Hat

Yo iam mark and iam bored outta my mind soo elLo ppl ello ppl lol god iam really bored well i like music lts of music and anime/manga and everything ppl like but i dont care if ur gay bi or straight i'll be friends with ya hmm dont kno why i said that anyway wuzzup ppl of Boston ive lost it i dont even live in Boston


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hey mark, I changed ur avatar..........I hope u like it.....I'm gonna give u a few items......hope ur not mad at me............ User Image