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Artsu by rizumary ! Such an ADORABLE ARTSU !! Love Love Love !!

It's your SUPERDUPER FREUND marvelholic !!!
( The SUPER SHY girl who cant stop talking, laughing, and dancey around~ )

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marvie | 24 | make up artist | pastry chef

So, let me introduce my self. My Name is marvie. Gamers, Artist, Make up Artist, and Pastry Chef. I am a friendly warm girl, Talk-active, and always Cheer up ! Oh yeah... always SHY TO SAY HI FIRST ! so just approach me and say "hi" I will welcoming you. I hope we can be best friend, deal? I am ** year's old. I am a Half Breed ( Human-Angels-elf (?)). I have Black long hair and brown hazel Eyes. I love drawing , cooking , baking, adventuring, and singing. Call me Marvie, Marvel, Marv, Vel, or any cute things you'd like.

I'm so slow, blush a lot, sweetheart (?)... just ask me if you want to know me more, okies?

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don't worry, I'm not bite !

Thanks for Stalking me! <3
Love you guys so much ~