I'm Maru.
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I'm 21.
I make art.
I do not have a shop, so if
you're interested, just PM me
and I might make you a freebie. ;3
You can view my art in my journal.
I can sometimes be found in towns
but usually I am betting at the
New Vegas Strip, where I am now a moderator.
Join us vvvvv

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Art that I've made <3


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I like Tanks Report | 04/05/2017 3:51 pm
watcha doooiinnnggg yum_puddi
Also sakuracon is soon here in seattle and it makes me think of you O:
I like Tanks Report | 04/05/2017 2:05 am
Maaarruuuu ddeeesssuuuu
I like Tanks Report | 04/04/2017 6:48 pm
Vincent - ValentineX Report | 03/11/2017 8:25 am
It has Maru. I've been working a lot. I really don't have time to do stuff that much. But when i get the chance too i try go on Gaia to see how everyone's doing.
I like Tanks Report | 08/23/2016 1:03 am
maru pls
I like Tanks Report | 08/22/2016 8:16 pm
OtakuKat Report | 08/05/2016 10:33 pm
Thanks for buying. God bless! 3nodding
Vincent - ValentineX Report | 12/05/2015 7:13 pm
Hey maru how are you? It's been years since I've spoken to you. how's life treating you?
RekaChio Report | 04/10/2014 4:13 am
Thank you for purchasing an item from my store,
Please come again! owo
piggychan13 Report | 03/31/2014 6:57 am
^^ your welcome

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