Ok, hopefully this is the last time I need to change this.

This time, I'm going to tell you things you might not know about me.

1. Well, this one might be obvious to some people, but I love to help people. If you need some gold, don't hesitate to ask and I'd be glad to help, whether I know you or not.

2. As calm as I seem, I can get angry with someone in a few seconds if they push my buttons right, and if I get pissed off, that person better be ready to take a verbal thrashing because I can't really do anything else but make them look stupid, and you better believe I will.

3. I hate rap. Yes it may sound weird that a black guy doesn't like rap, but I'm pretty sure all of you can deal with that, and if not, it's not my problem anyway.

4. I have an I.Q of 133. I have a large vocabulary. I use it to get stupid people to shut up when they start bothering everyone.

Well, there you have it. I hope that gives you people some more insight on who I really am under this cool exterior.


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Hey Game, how's it going? What you been up to?

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I turned sixteen in March. I was thirteen when we were roleplaying. That's sooo weird XDD

Augh, I know, don't you hate that. A lot of people give me like one post and never come back, or worse, we roleplay for a few months, and then they just stop, especially when it's getting really good. It's sooo annoying. One of the reasons I left this place for a little bit.

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xD I know right? Though I roleplayed that when I was like..what..twelve? Thirteen? They were some SUCKY writing skills. :3

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Wow Gabe. I bet YOU TOTALLY DON'T REMEMBER ME..but I was on today..after like five months of a Gaia-break and I saw your name and I was like: I remember him! If you don't, I guess I could try to remind you? I don't know. We did a roleplay..WAAAAAY back when. -Shrug- Just thought I'd be cool and say 'HEY'

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wtf omfg GABES ALMOST 2 GAIAN YEARS OLD almost happy birthday Gaberoni


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