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I am the Marquis de Nocturne, I have been known by many names here and there, I started on gaia back in September of '03. This is my new account. No, I was not banned, nor was I ever hacked, I still have access to my old accounts. Perhaps you know me.. should I choose, I will make that fact known.
I have been described as a very articulate individual, and well versed in many forms. I am a renaissance man in truth. I enjoy fine literature, art, and music. I am a romantic, though I can be stern. My dark side is for the most part the worlds nicest super-villain... at times.

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My Novel "Slow Dawn"

From the Preface of my Novel "Slow Dawn"

In this world there are, primarily, two universal constants, good and evil. From a very young age we are shown the difference between these two things. Naturally, our subconscious imprints our minds with inhibitors such as fear and guilt. And so it is, that great men have pondered over mankind’s capacity for these constants. After a vast many centuries, good and evil have ruled over humanity. Thus it is known that we have within us the capacity for both.
Life, on the other hand, is governed by several natural laws. Though perhaps the two greatest of these laws are that a being must show response to stimulation and seek to replicate itself. Without these, there can be no life. So it is only natural that any sentient being try to keep itself alive... by whatever means necessary.
I am what most would consider evil, but is it evil to simply live and carry on in one’s own way? I was once a man, innocent and good-natured; however, that innocence died long ago... as did my body.

Immortality can be both a blessing and a curse. But what is one to expect from such a gift given with no consent from the recipient. I have been privileged to lay witness to many of history’s great occurrences. Of course, I never had any real reason to appreciate any of it at the time. With no one to share time with, it simply becomes a chronovoid, a vast wasteland in the folds of time. I was absorbed in myself and detached from all throughout the world around me.
What is one to do but let fate run whatever course it may, and yet I digress. To understand a being such as I, one must first look into the life I held before. I was alive, one might say, for a mere eighteen years, but to me, as I'm sure it has to have been too many others, it felt much, much longer. I can still recall every solitary detail of my somewhat brief mortality, and it is that which I shall now share with you, along with the many aspects of my unnatural life.

My human life began nearly four centuries ago, three hundred sixty-seven years before I met her. Before her, my life was without true meaning, I had been empty... despite my constant glutinous intake. My human life was little different, if you can even call it a life at all. It remains but a faint, distant memory now, and yet I shall never forget everything it gave me, and everything that I left behind with it.

My name is Adrien. I was born in the year of 1641. Of noble Parisian birth and like upbringing, one might at first think I had a happy childhood. However, this is most definitely not the case. My family life could be described as unsupportive, detached, and perhaps even condemning in a sense.
Born the only child to a noble family, one can imagine how much was expected of me. My father was, as his father before him, First Chevalier to the King of France. And just as my father, I was to learn service to our King and his court. My mother, generally reclusive, kept to herself mostly, though she never gave any indication of distaste for the courtly life.
As a noble I was expected to be "honest and upright", as such were the views then. No longer were nobles to be the "rude warrior class", but to show appreciation for the arts, intellectual curiosity, refinement in character, and eloquence in speech. The aristocracy was obsessed with glorification, majesty, and the prospects of power, prestige, and luxury. I on the other hand, held my own ideals, though I merely kept them to myself.
My parents did not leave me without structure, mine was a miserable childhood built upon pedantic order. I remember observing others of different circumstance than my own, others who were happy and free, I could only be free in my own mortal shell. How I would envy those so well off, with lives of joy. Was I such an atrocity in the eyes of my family, in the eyes of my patrons, that I be deemed undeserving of love, praise, or even the slightest acknowledgment? Why should I have been given such a fate, destined to carry on, all alone in the world... or so I thought.
Before I could even speak I knew what was expected of me. Before I ever learned to walk, I knew my place in this world. Before I could count, I knew my creed. And before I knew it, I was becoming a man. Things were beginning to change inside of me, great things.
Of course I do realize now, quite clearly, that I was forced into a premature maturity. The Parisian life can be one of odd and sometimes misguided noble tradition. I found myself struggling constantly as a growing adolescent, seeking the approval of my parents, hoping to please them in my often misunderstood ways. I eventually had an epiphany, as very few ever do. As a child, I realized that I could but live for myself, try to make the best of what was given to me, and try to find happiness in the world when I was able.

A portion of the first chapter... I hope you all enjoy...

The trees gently gave to the wind, branches groaning as the great green goliaths swayed to and fro. The dark tresses of my hair licked my face in the gentle maelstrom. I remained lost in thought, my gaze caught in the passing clouds.
It had been a fortnight since the spectacle had taken place in front of the entire court. A band of musicians had performed before our king and his court. It had been the first time I had ever seen such a marvelous performance. However, what stood out in my mind more so than the concert was the mysterious women which no one seemed to know. And to make matters even more astounding, she vanished, mid-performance, leaving no evidence of her ever being there whatsoever.
This event stood out rather blatantly in my mind. There were so many questions racing around my mind. Even though I should be focused on my task, I could not help but be distracted by such an odd phenomena.

I was to track down a band of thieves that had caused trouble for the nobles. I had strict orders to find and retrieve an heirloom of the Leintros family, at whatever the cost. The Madame Leintros’ pendent had been stolen by one of this band, it would be essential to gather any and all information from her before venturing forth in pursuit of the villains.
The Leintros house was an extravagant one, much larger than my own. Master Leintros was a very wealthy merchant, and one well known in our court. His wife was well known as a spendthrift, often found showing off her expensive tastes to the other ladies of the court. However, it was not my place to judge, but to simply complete my mission.

I was to meet the Madame Leintros here by this marvel of nature. The winds seemed rather violent as I stood in wait, ever vigilant. The hill overlooked all of the royal hunting grounds, and King Louis was a great fan of this little euphoria. I couldn’t help but be a little curious why she had chosen such a location.
“Young Master Adrien?” A warm voice cut through the wind with effortless grace. “Yes.” I replied, turning to see the approaching figure, her pale blue robes dancing gracefully behind her like a blue bird in flight. Her shoulder-length auburn hair fell loosely, nearly covering the simple silver choker around her neck completely. As she drew closer, her smile grew wider, her eyes shown with a phantasmal shade of blue. She was indeed a vision of beauty.

“Madame Leintros I presume?” I smiled softly, quickly regaining my composure. “Please, call me Selene.” Again, her voice, cherubic in a sense, cut through the harsh winds. “Where would you have us begin Madam... er, Selene?” I quipped, quickly correcting myself. “Please, tell me everything.”
She sat at the base of the majestic gray-skinned beech tree, overlooking the beauty of the pré-catelan. Her eyes, catching a ray of light, seemed to glow an eerie azure. “Please, Adrien, will you not join me here?” She motioned for me to sit beside her. At her request, I joined her there.

“Is the meadow not a lovely sight?” She asked, not seeming to really want an answer. “Yes it is.” I replied, my gaze drifting from her eyes to the meadow and back. “I suppose this is why you requested I meet you here in the Bois de Boulogne?”
“Yes and no.” She said smiling, twisting a single lock of hair between her fingertips. “It is just that, the atmosphere here is so very peaceful, so secluded.”
“Indeed it is, but why don’t you tell me about the larceny?” She looked away from me as I questioned her. “Adrien, do you know why I specifically requested your assistance?” This took me aback, for I was unaware of this little fact. “No Selene, I myself did not know you had.”

I should release no more than that... Please let me know what you think...


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