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If you're really so interested in learning about me, then how about trying to hold a little chit chat with me. Now I don't have to bother writing a giant 20,000 word autobiography, and you are satisfied. This way; we're both happy.


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lol u thot Report | 07/11/2013 7:11 am
lol u thot
Happy birthday hun.
Marou Loussier
gut bath
Hetalian Singapore
Mi Inuyashas Demon Girl
Lady Brandie MoonLight
Chii Kaze
Naomi Forame

Who the hell gives a rip about making a fancy profile page? Ain't nobody got time for that.

This is what I call "burning love"; or "flames of passion" if you like.

You are all my minions~! Mwahahahaha~!

Except me, you love me too much xD

Hye, Shishou~!

Hye, Shishou~!

Hye, Shishou~!

Hye, Shishou~!

Hye, Shishou~!

Hye, Shishou~!

Hye, Shishou~!

Haha, yeah right. Silly Mar Mar^^

Marou: I never said that...

Hell no.

Whatever *sighs*

Marou: Hey you three, I order you to submit~! Or else~!

Those three: Or else what...?

Marou: Hmmm.... I haven't really thought that far yet...

Naomi: Hey~!