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"Gone" ~ Kelly Clarkson


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Eyes of the Lost

Questioning. Loving. Hating. It's the essence of life.


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e r i s e d y m Report | 03/25/2009 12:06 pm
I'm bored.
e r i s e d y m Report | 11/28/2007 5:33 pm
I can't find you on facebook...Did you change your username?

Te amo tambien, mi querida.
e r i s e d y m Report | 08/13/2007 1:49 pm
Cool, I'll try to find you later.

I miss you too~~~!!!!!!!!!!
e r i s e d y m Report | 08/06/2007 7:46 pm
I'd stalk you if you were on more often.

I'm gonna try to get to Texas in October, possibly in time for OniCon, if not, then a Nightwish concert.

btw...I got a myspace, but I couldn't find you. Do you still have one?
marori_elolle Report | 08/05/2007 9:04 am
yeah.. he'd left the phone in that guy's car on the way back.. we drove over to susan's and got it. he ended up having to crash at my place because he was too sick to drive. poor babe. turns out he'd had a 24 hour bug.

how goes it with you?
[GeS-uNd-hEiT] Report | 07/29/2007 10:14 am
hellos ^_^ how are you and seth doing? did he ever find his phone?
TheWikkedJester Report | 07/01/2007 2:35 am
Okay the other 2 links don't seem to work Xp. . . but this is funny funny s**t.
e r i s e d y m Report | 06/01/2007 1:05 am
No, not furbies!!! *hides behind boulder* Someone, get the flaming toilet paper!!
beaner_001 Report | 05/15/2007 2:41 am
marori_elolle Report | 05/14/2007 5:40 pm
~*pulls out homemade furbie shooter*~ OH YEAH?? YOU THINK YOU'RE TOUGH?? ~*shoots them wildly in all directions while cackling evilly*~


if you must cry, do so for love, not betrayel