ooookkkkk lets see.... ah! i know what to say heehee im not not telling you anything... only that my names lacie im from portland oregon 15 years old and crazy about anime! ^_^
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You are sweet and innocent.Nobody would ever suspect you of doing wrong,and why should they.You are a bit of a goody goody,but that's perfectly fine to you.

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Understanding: You two will probably know that you were meant to be from the moment you meet each other. They understand you and will be kind out of heart without wishing anything in return. They love to see you happy. You are probably a lot like them too! Even though they may not be the hottest of the bunch, they are openminded and love everything about you and that's what matters! Count on this person to always be there for you and trully love you for the person you are. Try not to get too carried away in your own world though. You two are all about the meaning in everything. This person is drawn to you by your acceptance, kindness, and emotional will towards all people. This person will want to spend the rest of thier lives with you and live thier life to the fullest with you by thier side.

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Your soul was born in the world of loss, you are a caring person and very mature. You are wise beyond your years and people often look up on you because of your attitude in life. You have experienced loss before and recovered from it, which makes you very understanding. People probably come to you very often for advice,though you lost hope in love and relationships already, you still wish others happy. In the heart sometimes, you still wish that person would come back to you, but you know that that dream is alreday lost and only a memory.Quote:No guy is worth your tears, and those who make you cry are deffinitly not worth it.Element:Metal, flexible, warm and compassionante.Ability: Making people's wishes and hopes come true.Mythical Creature/Being:Sorcerer, wise and powerfulGem:Citron,wisdom, peaceIf the results don't match I hope you aren't angry. This is my first quiz and if you have the time, please vote or message.

-My Favorite Animals Are wolves.
-My Favorite Color is blood red.
-Im Easy to Get Along With.
-Don't Ever Swear At Me. I Won't Talk To You If You Do.
-I Am In A Loving Relationship...NOT!!!
-I Want To Take art class for animatiom.
-I Get Sick Easily.
-I Don't Like The Way People Judge Teenagers.
-I Don't See How An 80 Year Old Is Allowed To Date A 20 Year Old, Yet A 14 Year Old Is Not Allowed To Date A 18 Year Old.
-My Friends Mean ALOT To Me.
-If You Influenced Me In My Lifetime, I Will Never Forget You.
-I Wrote Alot More But It Was Deleted.
-I Want To Be MADE Into A Pretty Person.
-The Only Two Things On My Body That I Like Are My Lips And Eyes.
-I Wish I Was Skinnier
-I Like Crosses.
-I Enjoy Drawing On Myself.
-What I Hate More Then Anything is When People Are Mad At Me.
About me
-- Name: lacie
-- Birthdate: July 17
-- Birthplace: portland,Oregon
-- Now living: Portland, Oregon
-- Eye Color: Brown
-- Hair Color: Brown
-- Height: 5'3"
-- Right-handed or Left-handed: left-handed.
-- Birthmarks: Have a Bunch.
-- Nicknames: lace, lasooms,
-- School: roosevelt high.

More in depth about me
-- Your heritage: idk.
-- Zodiac sign: Cancer.
-- Do you eat broccoli stems: Yeah.
-- Your fears: Cockaroachs and death.
-- Your most overused phrase online:im with you in spirit.
-- Your thoughts first waking up:five more minutes.
-- Your bedtime: Ten. Unless Its The Weekend or Summer.

Favorite things
-- Color: blood red
-- Pizza: hawaiian.
-- Candy: lollipops.
-- T.V. Show: south park and the simpsons.
-- Band:dont got one...yet....
-- Day of the Week: Saturday.
-- Sport:volleyball
-- Sound: wind
-- Least favorite sound: lightning and thunder.
-- Quote: "you never know when your gonna die so live it to the fullest or you just might regret it."

Either / Or
-- Pepsi or Coke: Coke.
-- McDonald's or Burger King: Neither.
-- Lace or satin: lace
-- Black or white: Black.
-- Wool or cotton: Cotton.
-- Rose or daisy: daisy.
-- Adidas or Nike: Dont Matter.
-- Private school or public school: public School.
-- Celsius or Fahrenheit: Fahrenheit is the Only One I Know.
-- Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: Nestea.
-- Spring or fall: Fall. spring is allergy season
-- History or science: science.
-- Math or English: math.
-- Cold or hot: Hot.
-- Cats or dogs: Dogs.
-- Single or taken:single
-- 10 Acquaintances or one best friend: One Best Friend. There Harder to Find.

How I am, and what I want to do
-- Cuss: Try Not Too.
-- Sing: Sometimes.
-- Take a shower every day: Twice a Day^^
-- Have a crush: Yes
-- Do you think you've been in love: Yeah.
-- Broken someone's heart? Yup.
-- Had your heart broken? Yes.
-- Had a dream come true? Not Really.
-- Done something you regret? Yeah of Course.
-- Want to go to college: Yup.
-- Like highschool: Sure.
-- Want to get married: Yes.
-- Get motion sickness: Sometimes.
-- Think you're attractive: Not Really.
-- Think you're a health freak: Kinda.
-- Get along with your parents: Uh.
-- Like thunderstorms: heck no
-- Play an instrument: Nope.
-- Play a sport: not at the moment.

What I've done
-- Smoked: Nope. Id Die. XD
-- Done a drug: Nope.
-- Gone on a date: Yes.
-- Had a boyfriend: Yeah.
-- Gone to the mall: Yes.
-- Eaten an entire box of Oreos: Not the Entire Box.
-- Eaten sushi: Yup.
-- Been on stage: Yeah.
-- Been on TV: no.
-- Been in a different country: Yeah.
-- Cheated on someone: Nope.
-- Been cheated on: Yes.
-- Been dumped: Yeah. Once. And it Sucked.
-- Gone skating: Heck Yes.
-- Made homemade cookies: Yup.
-- Gone skinny dipping: Haha.
-- Dyed your hair: Nope. But I Want to Dye it red.
-- Bought something and then saw it cheaper somewhere else: Yeah. And Its Irratating.

Do you
-- Like to give hugs? Yes.
-- Like to give kisses? yes.
-- Like to walk in the rain? Heck Yes.
-- Prefer black or blue pens? blue Pens.
-- Like to travel? Yup.
-- Sleep on your side, tummy or back? tummy!!!
-- Have a goldfish? yes but its kinda boringjust eating and swimming
-- Ever have the falling dream? Yeah. It Was Scary.
-- Have stuffed animals? Yup. Many and theyre all so cute!!!

What do you think about
-- Abortion: I think that it is something that no woman should do unless its because of rape. Otherwise. Take responsibility for your actions.
-- Smoking: Well I really think its a stupid thing to do.
-- Suicide: It would be better to simply live life to the fullest.
-- Summer: Best thing ever.
-- Tattoos: I want three.
-- Piercings: Only my Ears.

Stupid things
-- Played a game that required removal of clothing: Haha.
-- Been trashed or extremely intoxicated: Nope.
-- Stolen anything: Haha.
-- Gotten a referral: Nah.
-- Cheated on a test: Haha, I'm not going to lie about that one.

My dreams
-- Age you hope to be married: 23
-- Numbers and names of children: 3 or 4
-- Describe your dream wedding: Anything Where I Dont Wear White or black
-- How do you want to die: in the arms of the one i love.
-- Where you want to go to college: Art Institute in Portland Oregon
-- What do you want to be when you grow up: No Idea.

Things I would know
-- Number of CDs that I own: A lot.
-- Number of piercings: Ears.
-- Number of tattoos: None
-- Number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper: Dunno.
-- Number of scars on my body: a ton. I Scar Easily.


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Ninja Cutiepie16

sparkle profile....CUTE!!!!
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Salem Uchiha 321

I luv this profile! And wolves are my fav animal too!

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hi my druggie isander friend:]
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kyoko_the beloved_fighter

man i freakin love this song

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hey girl!!! this me n uni online...she wanted to type in so here she is...khfdahyfioaheriodah h

take care we gotta go...
love u cuzz

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I LOVE ur profile cuzz!! so awesome!!
i have question!!
how u do dat fwendz in common thingy? i no noe how to do dat!!!
anywayz cuz peash out
n hope to see you zoon!!

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really Nice Profile ^-^

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Its absolutely impossible to not stare at him, he's so GORGEOUS!
Gosh, Its about time that you got back online! I missed you....even though I see you at school every day!^^

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hello....~bye bye~peace out


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