e l l o , my name is really m a r l e n e (mar-lay-na), but m o m o is way faster. I love the color p u r p l e and anything that has the color p u r p l e on it. Im such a n e r d, i read untill i can't read no more! even though im a n e r d, i can still play sports. Im also an Anime Feind. I love Anime! HmMM, ppl call me ? e m o ? , but im just the way i wanna be, black makeup some times, skinny jeans, and and tee's with alot of words! Friends are fun, and a n y o n e is welcome, so l a t e r z...

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I've adopted a bunny!
Name: Miko
Likes: to be treated like a little girl
Dont like: people who dont like her
Owner: Marllie
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