I sell many items; some legal, some not. I only have one rule here; thievery is not allowed.
You have been warned. I am not forgiving and I will not tolerate disreputable behavior.

If my prices offend you, I do apologize. We are all trying to make a profit, are we not? I am willing to barter and trade.
PM me if interested. If not, browse and buy. All business is appreciated.

If cops or gangs chase you in an attempt to acquire your newfound belonging(s), I am not responsible. Spontaneous combustion, ghostly hauntings, extreme hair growth, psychosis, werebeast syndrome, random black holes, schizophrenia and paranoia, stomach ulcers, consciousness trapped within the gaia verse, profuse diarrhea, proliferated limb syndrome (refer to elasta girl), continuous cravings for oriental food, and random intervals of anime music playing in the back of your cerebral membrane are all common side effects of my wares.
I am not held liable for any trouble purchased items may cause you. Once you buy it and walk out of the store, they become your property.


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