Hey there! So I see you wanted to take the time to come and get to know me a bit, eh? Well let's see what I can do to help with that...

Name: Marion-san ... my legal name is a private thing.. XD
Nickname(s): May or MayMay
Age: Don't you know you aren't suppose to ask a girl that?
Birthday: May 20
Current Residence: TX
School: College Graduate.
Major: Psychology
Minor: Child Studies
Status: Single

Member since: 2/24/04

I've lived in all sorts of places. Born in Washington state, and then moved around a lot: Two different cities in Montana, and five different cities in the Houston-area, TX. I went to college in a little citiy in Idaho, and am willing to move anywhere to get a permanent, decent-paying position.

Let's see, in my free time, I like to write, read, and draw, though I do like to do alot of other things too. Other things that I like to do include ice skating, swimming, and watching movies.

I am anticipating that my first novel will hit the shelves by the end of the decade (once I get around to actually typing it... its written just not typed). I will pretty much read any book that I can get my hands on, and depending on my mood, or the subject matter, I will typically enjoy said book. I do love to draw too, and I hope I can get good enough so I can illustrate my own novel.

I'll add my collection of Art down here, too, when I get around to it.... but for now....

My Favorites - In no Particular Order

Anime: Detective Conan, Sailor Moon, Mermaid Melody, FullMetal Alchemist, Weiss Kruez, Tsubasa, Rurouni Kenshin, PreTear, Azumanga Daioh, Sorceror Hunters, Death Note....
Manga: Detective Conan, Dragon Knights, Fullmetal Alchemist, Tsubasa, Sailor Moon, xxxHolic, Hikaru No Go....
Books: Harry Potter Series, Leven Thumps Series, Ella Enchanted, Princess Bride, Twilight Series (for the most part), the Host.....
Movies: Varies based on my mood. I am particularly drawn to Fantasy, Comedy and Romances.
TV Shows: CSI, Monk, House MD, AFV, Home Improvement, Food Network....

Colours: Green, Blue, Black, Maybe some white... and pink is starting to grow on me a bit...
Foods: anything Italian, Asian, or Mexican.
Ice Cream: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough or Neopalitan.


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An Echo in the Dark

An aspiring novelist's deepest thoughts. Well, most of the time. Get them while they're hot people!



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Okay, was feeling nostalgic How are you?? lol

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Thanks May, I start it proper in a couple of weeks, and the store in moving to isn't that far from home.
iio milu

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iio milu

(Oh, I'm Logan btw. Just in case Amaki mentioned me or something...)
iio milu

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iio milu

I don't think I know you... but you were on my recommended friends list, and I felt like I didn't have many friends on Gaia.. soo... I decided to send you a friend request ^^;
Little Amiee

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Little Amiee

Hi! I just now saw your comment.

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Yes, yes I am. ^^
O.O! Put some clothes on!

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pssst! I see you. ninja

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thx for the buy heart

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I want to say amazing?

Since my life has now become a surfer's true paradise. I'm surrounded by nature, and I'm learning more about myself on a contact basis.

But the truth is - I'm miserable.

Happy and miserable.

I'm plagued by inner demons that I'm having a hard time overcoming (nothing drastic - but enough to mess and toy with my emotions) and I've been suffering from a hardcore broken heart. (But I have feeling that is has a lot to do with karma...)

sweatdrop A tad bit dramatic of an answer.

How are you?


I am simply...
𝓜 𝓮