*** still a Johnny K. fan ***

Hi! I'm Marina! I'm a Gaian just like you. Let's see... I've been a resident of Gaia since March 2005. I moved to Gaia because a friend of mine spent two weeks talking me into it. I had not heard of it before then.

Yes this is my preferred name, underscores, numbers and everything. It is actually a variant of my older IDs. I'm a fan of Saber Marionette. Marine was a character from the OVA SMJ Again (aka SMJ2). I decided to change Marine to Marina because there use to be confusion about gender and lack of military on old forums. So that's the long explanation for a short story.

I have two ragdoll cats which are two of the sweetest cats ever. My current profile features pictures from a snorkeling excursion at Costa de Maya about three years ago.

Dancing ninjas?