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Name/~Marieanne (Priscilla) Rose McKassion~
~Marieanne (Martha) Bellanona Riddle~

Age~14 (Child prodigy at year 7)



Wight~115 lb's~


Wand~Rowan(luis), 12", Dragon Blood/Unicorn Blood/Phoenix Blood/MermaidSirien vocal cord and hair (Exspairamental Wand 'not tested' She's a subject)~

Best Courses~Transfiguration & Potions~

Worst Course~History of Magic~

Pet/Familiar~ (Crypto) hybrid Cabbit named Bella~

Patronus~Siberian Winged Panther~


Wizard Candy~I am not much of a candy lover but I still can't resist Chocolate~

Profession After School~What ever I feel like doing whether it is in the wizardien world Muggle world and no one can tell me otherwise~


*~:OWL Results:~*

Transfiguration – O

Defense Against the Dark Arts – A (The only Slytherin to achieve that grade)

Potions – O

Charms – O

Herbology - somewhat P/A

Care of Magical Creatures - E

History of Magic – P

Ancient Runes - O

Divination – O

Astronomy - P (Is alway making up fantasy's and refusing to stick with the facts)

PASS GRADES: ~Outstanding~(O) ~Exceeds Expectations~ (E) ~Acceptable~(A)

FAIL GRADES: ~Poor~(P) ~Dreadful~(D) ~Troll~ (T)



Date of birth: 1/28/85

Signs: Aquarius/Saturn, Uranus
Chines: Ox,
Aztec: Cayman,
African: Baobab tree,
Celtic: Rowan (luis),
Egyptian: Mut,
India: The KUMBHA 1ST Hora the Peacock GARUDA 2ND Hora the Water Dragon...

Sign of Day
January and May
Sensitive to Smell, calves and ankles

Element: Air Water Metal/Nickel
Colors: Carmine, light green, violet
Linked to: Capricorn, Ra and Thoth TaiChi symbol/ Yin

Personality: She is completely tireless and a hard worker. This gives her massive amounts of energy in her talentedly inventive nature. Others say she has a wonderful personality, but at times, she shows signs that she is very easily offended which puts her in an unfocused stage. Her energy helps her overcome difficulties and pain. Nevertheless, love is not an easy task when she is young. Always wanting to sacrifice everything for her lover and will do so for life. At the same time, her love helps her overcome basic timidity in her amorous relationship with her lover and makes swift decisions, but is careful of them.

Social: She is highly sensitive and likes to connect with others. At times strong anxiety attaches itself to her spirit making scars and psychological damage to her life, making it hard to move on. She is very privet and likes having her own space. She is melancholy and frustrated in seduction because of her shy side. Because of her personality she is a two way street. But on the other hand, she is lively, exuberant and extroverted. She is easygoing and very successful.

Heart: She is gentle, shy and sensitive. She strongly focuses her mind in the past her body in present and what her spirit holds in the future. Her heart tells the truth. She holds friendship and family in harmony. Because her heart is loyal&reliable and loving, she is accepted easily. In other words, she is honest, independent and very true to herself. She is good at counseling people when they need it and she possibly might be a powerful saint. Ask her for help and she will immediately give it to you. However, she dose not yield to being influenced, especially at difficult moments when under grate pressure. Because of the power of her heart, "which heart controls all" She truly remains pure.

Body: Slight in stature but yet still has sturdy limbs but nevertheless still appears waiflike. She is small boned, curvy with a tiny waist below her narrow ribcage. Neck: long and slim and yet she has somewhat broad shoulders to house well-developed lungs. Arms and legs are long, thin, and still taper at the elbows wrist and knee an ankle. Firm well-rounded buttocks crowns her slender but pretty legs, which take up a grater percentage of her over all height. This is due to one of the reasons she is a fast lengthy runner. The bust is a full firm yet soft D: 30 Bell.

Face: Her face has attractive features angles with high delicate cheekbone and a sleek high jaw narrowing down to a pointed yet fleshy chin. Her face is well shaped and tapers at the long lengths of her chin. Anointing upon her face is full yet beautifully natural lips ornamenting her transparent small nose. The eyeballs are elongated oval that is lifted at the outer ends. The upper eyelid is naturally dark and the bottom eyelid shows thickness. The eyes glisten and have shines in them that appear in the iris. Her eyes are deep dark well’s that are hard to fathom, the colors are of a true Indian brown that appear as haunted shadows in the paleness of her fair face. The lashes are many in numbers that show long thick featheriness. Her eyebrows are thin well-shaped dark yet luminance spun gold in color.

Hair: Long- (past the hips) Naturalistic and full in thickness. Her hair is a timeless reflection of nature and freedom. The colors from root to tip are – Sun kissed platinum blond, golden yellow, strawberry blond, ginger, auburn, light brown, brown, dark brown to the very tips are black… They all blend beautifully in natural harmony. Her hair highlights and shines in all lights.

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Total Value: 816,594 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Elegant Antoinette Wig (Light Blue)
Elegant Feathered Mask (Sky Pinions)
Elegant Blue Satin Corset
Elegant Blue Satin Skirt
Elegant Blue Lace Fan
Missy Sapphire Ribbon
Oculus Magica
Angelic Pendant (Glow)


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Why wouldn't I?
True Ryu Uzumaki

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True Ryu Uzumaki

what fourm on it?

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*waves* I love the clip you have of Gaara! *hugs ya* He's my favorite too! naruto...ehh I guess is third next to Sasuke. ^_-
Christine Alina

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Christine Alina

Some guy called cookie Gaara

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nope :s so what's up?

I'M GONNA GET A LITTLE PUPPY ON THE 13TH OF JULY! :]]] <3 Her name is Sima! She's sooooo cute!
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Christine Alina

How does it feel to want s**t I feel the same way as you do
Sai-Rin the SIREN

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Sai-Rin the SIREN

Wow a Cradle of filth along with being a Naruto and Harry Potter fan... no wonder you have such an artistic altitude