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Report | 08/24/2012 1:56 pm

Frank Punisher Castle

Thanks for joining the guild. We're glad to have you.
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Report | 08/21/2012 4:33 pm

Antimony Wormwood

Thanks for buying from my store! whee Nice avi; the hair looks great on you!
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Report | 08/19/2012 2:21 am

Eric BIade Brooks

"Listen Witch!, That's the problem with all you Blood Sucka's,Witches and Creatures of the Undead. Y'all fail to realize Y'ain't immortal and You can't escape Death I'm gonna find you no matta' what I'll bring down your whole Organization if I hath too and leave you trapped in corner.. Then I'll let you taste my Sword....". Blade said as a sadistic smile shot across his face as he talked to the illusion of the Voodoo Queen. As the Vampires ventured out from the thick white smoke Blade held his hand on the hilt of his sword drawing his leg back and putting equal weight on both legs, He leaned forward as he moved like silent death his swords soon met the head of one of the Vampires within seconds ash rustled through the air. Blade adjusted his black sunglasses pushing them upward on his face securing their position, He sheathed his sword and pulled out wooden stakes from his tactical vest holding them in each hand Akimbo Style. He threw his arm forward his super strength enhance the blow as he let go of the wooden stake and it darted towards the Vampire's heart for a fatal blow, The strength of the throw had made the kill clean it went straight through the undead creatures heart turning it into smoldering ash within seconds.

Marie was scared and Blade knew it, He had her cornered he wouldn't stop,sleep or rest until he sent her to hell, She would be running out of places to hide soon enough and he would make sure she tasted the cold steel of his sword when he decapitated her. The thought in his mind just made his skin crawl some people called him weird but he was a man who loved what he did it felt even better knowing he killed something that called itself immortal If he had learned anything it was nothing is Immortal and all things can die. "Even you Marie Leaveu.... Even you...". Blade thought to himself as he held the other stake in his hand and looked towards the remaining Vampire, Blade dispatched of the Vampire quickly stabbing it in the heart and watching it scream in agony as he made it suffer before it turned to ash. He turned his attention to the ominous fog that took the form of The Voodoo Queen, "Nice Parlour Trick Witch... But sometimes even the Court Jester's jokes stop becoming funny... I'll play your little game but only cause it'll make your death more worth it ".
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Report | 02/11/2012 8:23 am

Eric BIade Brooks

Blade unsheathed his sword from his back holster and the adamantium steel would shine in the from the moonlight, he held his sword high and drew his leg back and assumed his fighting stance. He charged straight and one by one began to behead the zombies. As he fought the incoming zombie armada, he began to make his way for Marie Leveau chambers, He had to end her dark reign of power. She had been using her potions to bring the dead back to life and if there was one thing Blade hated most it was dead people brought back to life. He dove through a window in her manor and began to head upstairs to her chambers.
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Report | 02/02/2012 3:11 pm

Eric BIade Brooks

Blade decided in order for him to even attempt to take down Marie Leveau he would need heavy ordinance and someone to guide him along the way, he rendezvous with another vampire hunter cell named "The Stalkers". Blade was not well informed of the area nor its inhabitants and the terrain was nothing like New York more swampy and a lot more dangerous. He had arrived in The Stalkers Headquarters and had them use their satilite taps to give him an idea of sorts of the terrain of Marie Leveau's manor. Blade had decided if he was going to take her down he would need them to help him during the mission and they would commence the attack around Midnight. They armed him with an AR-15 Assault Rifle and some Garlic Grenades which emitted shrapnel laced with an essence of Garlic and his usual gear(Sword,Pistol,Etc).


A Bunch of men from The Stalkers would be about a few hundred yards away from the manor which was an enclosed environment surrounded by gates, In an instant the group of men began to throw smoke grenades over the fence and Blade had managed to jump over the fence with ease and was now on The Voodoo Queen's territory. He made his way towards the back hoping to sneak in.
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Report | 02/01/2012 6:40 pm

Eric BIade Brooks


13,000 feet above the ground hovering over the center New Orleans in a swampy area,Blade also known as "The Daywalker" would be diving out of a Cessna C-172. He was along way from New York and had came out here for answers, as he sifted through the air he could feel the wind current blowing on his face. At around 1,000 feet he deployed the parachute and would land in the swampy area somewhere near the bayou, he needed information on the location of a woman named Marie Leveau better known as The Voodoo Queen. After about two hours of fighting off crocodiles, he finally made it to land and headed into a local bar within seconds his super-enhanced smell picked up the sent of Vampires he knew he would get answers from them. He pulled up to the bar seat and ordered a drink and within a few seconds three men white men approached him,"You're not welcome ah-round these parts partna and ah-round er we don't take to kindly to newcomers". A slight smirk came to his lips as he sipped his drink and placed it back on the counter.

" You listen boy!". The leader of the three vampires would say as Blade ignored them, he placed his hands on Blade's shoulder and began to tuck him trying to pull him off the stool chair. Within minutes Blade had pulled him and dragged him across the counter and behind the bar. The other two men looked at Blade and new he was not human not with the way he was able to overpower their boss. They charged at him and soon got a 7-inch stake through their hearts. " Rookies..." Blade said as hopped behind the counter and pinned down the leader of the group with his boot.

"You've got three seconds to tell me what I want to know blood sucker, Marie Leveau tell me everything about her ".
The man shivered in fear of death and began to speak.

"i-I can't t-tell you she'll kill me"

"Listen!, I'll kill you mother ******** if you don't tell me what I wanna know, see this its a 9mm pistol and contains silver one shot and your dust". Blade said as his silver 9mm pistol shined in the light.

" Alright, I'll tell you what you wanna know"Within minutes Blade knew almost everything about the Voodoo Queen, after the man was done speaking he begged for mercy. "God has mercy not me..." Blade shot the man dead and within a minute he turned to hot ash on the ground. Blade sat down and finished his drink before exiting the bar.
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