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Name: Mardil (well, not really lol )
Religion: Christian (really)
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Birthday: April 28
Race: Werewolf!!! (Not only here but on Bite Fight. Click to be bitten.)

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Favourite Colour: Black
Favourite Drink: Chai Tea Latte
Interests: See Interest Tags

P.S. All werewolves who enter my profile get a free tummy rub. *pat*pat*

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Days in the Life of Mardil

Well, I'll write anything that pops into my head, really.


Dancing through life, down at the Ozdust, if only because dust is what we come to.

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lXl Apollo lXl Report | 06/05/2012 9:28 pm
lXl Apollo lXl
Whoa, you live.
Mysan93 Report | 09/01/2011 8:45 am
thank you c: yours too
lXl Apollo lXl Report | 04/25/2009 2:43 pm
lXl Apollo lXl
Kataomoi Report | 02/04/2009 8:31 pm
Life was really good tonight! I loved seeing inside FBI dude's house. I understand how it works now--I mean, I had assumed a family threat, but even so. Good that Charlie repaid the favor, too. Made me so happy because, hey, giving back a bullet. FBI dude shooting Crews wasn't gonna really make his family safer, you know? But it felt like it moved so slow, then it was over, and you're going, hey, where's the rest? And definite awesome sexyface alert when he picked up Ted! I WAS SOOO HAPPY TO SEE SEXYFACE CAME BACCCKKK XD
Kataomoi Report | 02/02/2009 3:32 pm
Sweet! A fellow Lifer! Definitely gonna be fun because, maybe this will snap a little of that zen business. I wanna see Damian act WILD XD Just throw people around and get all freaky. And Roman! AHHHH AND RACHEL WILL SHE BE SAFE?! x333
Kataomoi Report | 01/11/2009 7:32 pm
I looked up Charlie Crews here on Gaia, too, hoping he got his name from Life, too. Doesn't seem like it... Otherwise the avatar would had sexy redhair and VERY snazzy boots, lol. You're a Christian, but are you a Lifer, too?! *hearts*
MFang 22 Report | 09/08/2008 1:44 pm
MFang 22
wolves are the best can i join your pack
Rainheart20 Report | 07/27/2008 10:18 am
I've been around, unfortunately that didn't include here for a while.... ^^;
mleczko Report | 07/22/2008 6:23 am
i've been to london to visit the queen
Salem Jones Report | 05/27/2008 9:52 pm
Salem Jones
Your ava is really cute, and your profile is cool User Image

Ciao User Image
Mike Yates
super goken
Tala Grey
lXl Apollo lXl
Gray Halloween
x Essence of Moonlight x
MFang 22

Werewolves are people, too.

I love to lurk.

This is my werewolf pack! Tell me if you want to join, and if you want a caption, tell me what you want it to say. :)

First pack member! If you're the Alpha Wolf, am I the Beta?

More of a vampire
than a werewolf -->

Nya! Healer of the pack!

I am the pack wizard!

<-- Military fanboy along for the ride.

When I sing to stars, they tell me their secrets.

The Lore
Master -->

I'm just a pup.

The Were-
Sleuth -->

<-- Oooo. A spell caster!

Skillful scout -->

This is our assassin.-->
So watch out.