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Stay with me, you're all I have left.
I am with you, forever, the end.
Give me a sign.
You think you've won this fight, you've only lost your mind.
You're so cold, keep your hand in mine.

This.... is me.

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About me, this whole PAGE is about me!

Hey there. I'm Lewis. I'm a pretty cool kid. Trust me.

I've got some pretty awesome friends, the closest of which are Brooks, Erik, Regan, Dakota, and Ryan. They're all band kids. Awesome.

I'm in band. Marching, concert, jazz. I love it. I play trombone in marching and jazz, euphonium in concert band. I play trumpet too. I love playing high on trumpet, loud on trombone, and pretty on euphonium.

I live and breathe music. No, seriously. When I'm not practicing, I'm listening to music, humming music, or going over parts in my head. Music is essential to me. I wish I were a good percussionist, too... I try. I'd love to march bass, or play mallets, but I know it won't happen. Oh well.

My favorite bands are Breaking Benjamin, Disturbed, and Flight of the Conchords.

My favorite movies are Anchorman, Dodgeball, Zoolander, and Wayne's World. I also enjoy crappy sci-fi movies.

After a while of trying to be antisocial on a social website... sure. Add me. PM me. Get to know me. Why not?

I like books. I really really love the Harry Potter series. I've read them so much, but I'll never grow tired of them. Simply amazing. I like Poe, too.

I like anime. My favorite is Bleach. I like Naruto too, and I've watched Fullmetal Alchemist before. Fruit's Basket is pretty good.

I less than three Pokemon. Seriously. Shut up. Don't tell me it's for kids, or that I'm too old for it. Shut up. No, I'm not. Just because I get just as excited as an 8-year-old when I catch a legendary Pokemon doesn't mean I'm acting like an 8-year-old.

I like video games. o.o
Nintendo, 64 to DS. I like it.

So, yeah. I'm a pretty awesome guy. That air of conceit? Nothing. Just because I naturally feel like I'm better than you means nothing. I'll talk to you anyway. And, no, I'm not being rude. I play trumpet. Expect it.
People like me anyway, why shouldn't you?

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Confessions of a Band Addict

I would get an intervention, but it's just too much trouble.


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errantIy Report | 01/09/2011 9:07 pm
Your username is the funniest thing I have ever seen in my life. Holy hell, dude! You have no idea how much I love you right now. XD
A7xAfterlifex Report | 11/16/2010 2:51 pm
Marching Band? Cool same here, I'm a Junior in a marching band in South carolina, I play flute though
the_queen_of_the_fairies Report | 08/23/2010 6:58 am
cool avi
Super Captain Scott Report | 03/21/2010 10:56 am
Super Captain Scott
I'm in college band. :3
And I play trombone. Always have, always will.
Kare Bear x3 Report | 03/05/2010 8:12 pm
Kare Bear x3
I play trumpet, French Horn, Melaphone, and partial clarinet.
I'm in Concert band, marching band, jazz band, and pep band
Paintbrushes and Oral Sex Report | 02/19/2010 2:59 pm
Paintbrushes and Oral Sex
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BabyBat_KitKat Report | 01/24/2010 7:09 am
Hi, I'm Eryn...I luv slipknot!!!! They iz my fav band everz!!!!!! I'm in band too! I play the flute and r learning how to play the drums..Heehee..Just so I drive my parents crazy..I in marching band, concert and pep band my school doesnt have a jazz band yet so that ****ing sucks....If u can check my profile and we'll talk. BAND PEOPLE ARE THE BEST!!!!!
LT. Riza-Hawkeye Report | 01/21/2010 5:01 pm
LT. Riza-Hawkeye
hurray for RBF! <3
I play 241 on Trombone sometimes, although our band doesn't play it.
yay for you guys!!
Herminator-187 Report | 11/29/2009 8:27 pm
Yea they're not that hard to pick up. But I did start playing them in 6th grade, but eh.
The main reason for wanting to switch is because all the snares now are seniors.
Herminator-187 Report | 11/29/2009 8:06 pm
Awesome. Considering the snares are leaving, Idk whether to stay on quads or move to snare.