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Mangled Marrionette <33

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Birthday: 10/09

About Mee

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Hii..I'm Katy! [: I'm 15, my birthday is October 10th. I'm around 100 pounds & 5'3" I'm known for my love of Pandas && Rainbows. I'll be moving to Japan one day.Also, candy makes me happy, yes, candy is good :3.
[:I smell like cotton candy..muaha. [: I'm super nice & super friendly, but a little shy. My Favorite Color ish Purple.I'm am Left-Handed.I'm a curious person, I am always wondering things. I love my music. I absolutely HATE labels. I stick up for my friends because they are everything to me and I know that they would do the same thing for me. I would Die for them.Hugs are my weakness, I love the Ridiculously long ones. I get distracted by everything that moves. Sometimes I get lost in my thoughts which is why sometimes I stare at something for a ridiculously long time XD I express my personality by dressing how I dress. If you don't like it I honestly don't makes people smile and it makes me happy just being myself, colorful and out going..I don't do it to start trends or anything of the sort, I do it cause it fits me and my personality well [: I'm TOTALLY against animal cruelty.(: My <3 belongs to my friends. I am currently Single in rl. && hating it. I have my cartilege pierced. :] If you need to talk about anything. Or if you're sad. I'll be glad to listen to you and help you. So feel free to contact me if you wish to talk. <3 I cut and dye my own hair. I'll do yours too, but it'll cost you. lol.I am a Libra. I don't do gore, I do cute. =D I wear what I think is cute. & I don't need your opinon. Take it elsewhere. I honestly don't care. If you can't back up what you say, then don't even bother saying it.

I live off Hello Kitty Fruit Snacks & Arizona Tea. <3
I Hate to be gaudy and over accessorized.
I have the best life ever and I couldn't be happier. <3 I like to model. I like to love.

I'm the annoying omgIwanttostabher type of bubbly.don't like it? c:

I swear to the rainbow heavens that I'm the sweetest girl ever. Ever see a crazy happy person taken away from the rainbow?? hmmm, you don't want to...haha.

I cut and dye my own hair.
will be a cosmetologist, DJ, Pianist, Body Piercer, & Fashion Designer.

Check out my drawings in the Arenas!!

If you have any Questions, Feel Free to Contact Mee !

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