R.I.P Alaa

Alaa is a b*****d who's messed in the head, he was so stupid and now he is dead, Only because he forgot the two dates, of the girls birthdays that just couldn't wait.

We killed you, we're not sad
We killed you, you mad us mad,
We killed you, now your dead
We killed you, with a shot in the head
We told your mom it wasn't us,
We told her you got hit by a bus,
She asked us why there was a hole,
We told her ya got stabbed by a pole,
The police came by and asked us questions, so we gave them a few suggetions about the people who could'a done it alot of goood has come from it, the cops arrested Justyn and Rashawn, and now they are almost gone, they went to court and got sentenced to death, they might as well have drank from "Lethe"*.
Now they are dead and we are free, and the cops will never see, that WE'RE the ones who killed Mohammed, and that we shot him in the-head. So sad, it could have been prevented, but he is very demented, for all he had to do was remember, 2 girls birthdays in August (Not December), For all this he has been killed, it shows you he was very short willed, and that he could have lasted longer if he were only a little stronger, but Alas, he is now in his grave and the only thing we gave, at his funeral, was our laugther, and we lived:

Once we shot him in the head, there he lie, nearly dead, since his life could never be, b4 he died he said sorry, we jus laughed and shot again, now he rots in his coffen.
He flew to heaven and asked for God, but he never got the nod, so he asked if he could stay, God said "NO! Now Go Away!" Then he crawled back in his shell, the angels kicked him straight to hell.
When he arrived, he saw the Devil, then He came down to his level, He asked him "Why are you down here?" "Let me stay I'll give you beer!" The Devil laughed and brought him in, then He gave and evil grin, "Give me all your beer!" He said. Alaa said yes then scratched his head, for right then he was confused, that the Devil had just used, A decent amount, of politness, Alaa was in a very big-mess. The Devil smiled from ear-to-ear, then he chugged dwon all the beer, "Now that it's gone you must go," Alaa looked frightened but he said "NO!" "I thought we made a deal!" he screamed, but the Devil only beamed, "You gave me beer, I let you stay, now it's gone So Go Away!" Then the Devil closed the gate, Alaa not knowing of his fate, turned around and said "Hello?" Then he saw a tiny glow, approaching was a pretty girl, with long blonde hair, and shining pearls, "I am goddess of the in-between." Alaa asked, "What's that supposed to mean?" "I'm the last one to decide your fate." Alaa sat down and chose to wait. "What is it that you've done wrong?" Alaa had paused for very long. "Get it over with, and tell me now!" Alaa was just not-sure how. "I forgot my best friends birthdays," he said then he sighed. The Goddess had gotten very wide-eyed. "This is quite a serious offense I've never met someone so dense." Alaa fell on his knees, and then he cried, wishing he had never died, "Where am I going? Tell me plz?" "Somewhere special." she said with a tease. She flew him to a white, empty room, then he heard a great big *!BOOM!* He turned around and saw the door had shut, "Let me out, you stupid slut!" Then Alaa heard the beeping, he woke up, and realized that he was sleeping. Then he got off of the bus, and saw Tyler&Eva, and they said "HI Alaa........It's only Us
We are sorry we wrote all these things, but you forgot our birthdays and thats what it brings, Understand that we are hurt, you're a worthless piece of dirt, We're sorry we insulted you again, your a stupid fat chicken, Whoops, it slipped we didn't mean it, you smell like you stepped in a pile of cow s**t, Omg, why can't I stop? Your hair looks like a dirty mop.
How could you forgot? You had no right, U-R-A hamaphrodite.
You owe us a freaking apology, We'll just have to wait and see.

Your still our friend, though even yet,
we will forgive, but NEVER forget.
this was done by my friend Eva and Tyler when Alaa pissed them off by forgetting their b-days

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