Aural Blasphemies

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Mighty Lord Maleus

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Registered: 11/15/2005

The Legend that is Maleus.

I am the legend that is Maleus.
I am the foundations upon which was built the unholy Black Metal fortress; A citadel of pure obsidian which has cast its shadow over the realm of Gaia for many years.
I am the roots of Yggdrassil, twisted, gnarled and as strong as iron.
I am Surtr, smasher of Bifrost, bringer of the end.
I hath wandered the cold, starless, void. I hath stared into the smouldering pits that are the eyes of the beast and known no fear.
I hath extinguished the light of stars so that I may better see in the darkness. For twas in the void I was spawned, spewed forth from nameless things, drenched in the blood of time, wrapped in tendrils of unmatter.
I was there at the begining...I shall be there at the end.

The year is 2009 and I have been reborn. I am King.