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Final Fantasy II

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The Malboro is born! Malboro is only in 2d pixels, of a yellow colouring and has not yet developed 'Bad Breath'

Final Fantasy IV

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Malboro makes a comeback, this time known as a 'Mobol'. It has become more squat and green, with some slight extra colorings.

Final Fantasy VI

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Malboro has become more slim lined and tends to attack with other monster groups. Now knows how to use 'sour breath' when other enemies have been defeated. Malboro is known as a 'Mad Oscar', or 'Evil Oscar' when it's upgraded.
NEW SCOOP: A GBA remake is said to feature a new kind of Malboro, named Worst Malboro, let us hope the information course is correct and the darling Malboro can now traumatise many a player to their wits end.

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Final Fantasy VII

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Malboro comes into 3d and learns that using breath attacks can be a real pain for those who have not equipped their ribbons. It has also become completely green. Malboro is offically known as...well, Malboro XD

Final Fantasy VIII

User Image Perhaps one of the most dangerous, it is quick to use bad breath leaving the whole party vulnerable to a whole hoard of dangerous status effects. Don't be surprised getting a KO or two from this guy as ribbons are not an option and no party members may be well enough to use spells! It's still green and only comes in its 'Malboro' variety, but it's gotten a nice little gold coloring around it's jaw.

Final Fantasy IX

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Malboro learns how to float, yup, I mean float up in the air. Though it isn't a considerably deadly monster this time around.

Final Fantasy X

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Malboro comes in two varieties, and its upgrade 'Great Malboro' is a more deadly version later encountered, with a more painful 'putrid breath' attack. It has a differant colouring in it's upgrade, but the standard is green with some brownish orange on is tentacles.

Final Fantasy XI

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Malboro is known as a 'Morbol' and has developed an appearance quite differant from it's usual in prior final fantasy titles. It's the weakest member of the Malboro family line as well.

Final Fantasy XII

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Back to its similar appearance, though with its large mouth taking up more of its head space, this Malboro has more of a focus on its flesh eating tendencies. You can also encounter unique ones such as a giant version known as 'Carrot'.

Final Fantasy Tactics

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Also in Tactics advance, this has to be the most 'huggable' to most people as it does suit a plush toy. It comes in the same family as its commonly tutu wearing plant cousin 'the ochu'.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

User Image A deadly boss with a not so deadly movement range. Bad breath still packs a punch and Malboros appearance is very similar to most of it's other final fantasy brethren.

Gaia's own home grown Malboro.

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A unique style of Malboro only known to the gaian community. Not officially affiliated with a final fantasy or gaia in any way, still, its bad breath attacks have become a pain for many a chatterbox gaian. Please remember that 2nd hand bad breath has been known to cause higher risks of confusion and frog status.
Latin meaning Mal as Bad, and Boros for breath, thus the name behind the plant was born. Or maybe someone just got the idea behind their local drug store counter...

For all you who love the sweet, beautiful and wondrous Malboro! The fact sheet is Malboros profile so do check it out!

Name: Malboro-Menace
Age: 24 summers have passed since Malboro first sprouted
Location: On some plains, dark caves, the occasional dungeon or two...
Likes: Using bad breath, K.o-ing goody two shoes travelers, chewing on said goody two shoes travelers, kittens.
Dislikes: Ribbons, Groups of over powered travelers, dental hygiene.

A very Great Malboro ending

A very Malboro ending

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Can I adopt you?
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There goes the sun
Bravo. BRAVO!!!
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Congrats! You've made it on my favorite person list! I love your avatar theme on here. It's not often I see appreciation for FF monsters. I love it! <3
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srsly fab avatar though
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One of the reasons why I had game overs in FFX
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kammy yo
You scare me. & you keep attacking my CB with bad breath. emotion_donotwant
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I love your profile and account, excellent work dude.
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well done
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You're my hero! emotion_kirakira
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You are my favorite Gaian ever...

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