[[role play account--everything about this character is fictional]]

Full Name: Malachi "Duvereaux" Nizovtseva
Nationality: Russian, French
Age: 139
Birthday: 01/22/1869
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 151 lb
Hair: black
Eyes: blue
Western Sign: Aquarius
Eastern Sign: Snake (Earth)

[[above profile layout stolen from Devin Neolithika]]


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This will mostly act as notes-from-the-writer and possibly logging for particularly interesting things.


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Well, I read that you like storytelling but with a particular taste for dark creatures. Certainly you do like to write =D The theme and story itself will be entirely from you, you're free to create ^.^ (I love that)

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aww... You're a cute puppy again! ^.^ <3 (one of the sweetest items ever created O_O )
Can I ask you a short tale, dear sir?...
Devin Neolithika

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Devin Neolithika

Once again it seems we're at odds.

Good to see you again.